KAT VON D Painted Love Lipstick – Cathedral

Self-assurance shows when you risk wearing a dark or daring lipstick shade – as the box for this lipstick states: “The perfect red lip screams confidence.” Kat’s lip colors, sold exclusively on Sephora, offer a range of bold reds, bluish pinks and even some softer petal and nude colors. This painted love lipstick comes in a case with a see-through lucite bottom, so that you can determine the lipstick color before opening it (handy, when doing a quick search in your purse for a specific color). The outside of the lid is black with a metallic silver rose design (similar to her tattoos).

A recent purchase – I chose the color Cathedral because I liked its brown/mauve tone, and it does not disappoint. The texture is creamy and lasting without being sticky or too heavy, and I’ve had no problem with any feathering. It wears well and LASTS! I always try to wear a lip liner, especially with darker lipsticks, and do so with this one as well. It looks fairly dark on me due to my fair complexion but it may be considered a medium dark color overall. Skin loving ingredients include moisturizing castor seed oil and antioxidant/anti-aging vitamins A, C and E. I hope to try the color Prayer next. If you have any of these, let me know what shades you love.

  • Sephora.com, $19.00 – 2013
  • color: Cathedral, spiced pinkish brown
  • weight: 0.11oz, 3.0g
  • Made in USA, distributed via San Francisco, CA


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