“Would You Rather, Beauty Edition” TAG

TAGGED – “Would You Rather, Beauty Edition” Tag *July 30, 2013 I was tagged by Dr. Holly at BeautyVancouver to blog my answers to the below questions. You can see her answers at http://beautyvancouver.wordpress.com. What fun! Thanks BeautyVancouver! GiveMeGorgeous.com answers – 1)  Would you rather lose all your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip glosses, or lose all of […]

20-Piece White Makeup Brush Set

Since I only have a random collection of makeup brushes, most with rather short-ish handles, I decided to buy a couple sets to try. This one is not terribly expensive (under $20.), not one of the really high-end ones, but it comes with 20 brushes with handles that are all about 6.5 inches long, as […]

Shimmering Shamrock and Disco Ball – Nordstrom nail colors

So, I think this is my first nail color post!!! Since its summer I had to try some fun new toe nail color polishes, especially with bare feet poolside or in chic sandals (or flip flops). I chose to buy a couple nail polishes from Nordstrom because they had a ‘buy two deal’ although I […]

Go Green! Guerlain LES VERTS palette – with new swatch photos

I’d been eyeing these Erin 4 Couleurs palettes for a little while, deciding if I wanted to make the $60.00 investment. Ended up buying the 03 Les Verts colors. Never having used Guerlain but once before, I hoped it would be worth its price, which it is proving to be. I found that 11 different […]

NEW BEAUTY testtube arrived! Summer/Fall 2013

How exciting to get the latest bright pink box of New Beauty testtube product samples and bonus items (although I hate to see mention of Fall). This is one of those cosmetics and beauty products sampling programs. My sister had purchased a different sample program for me, that I tried last year. I recently found this program […]

Summer Is Well Underway! Tinted Lip Balms

I’m doing a little review of several tinted lip balms in my collection, today, in honor of the warm weather. With the heat of summer underway in the Northwest, lips have the tendency to need a little more moisture care to look their best. I’ve chosen Maybelline’s Baby Lips, Covergirl’s Smoochies and Say Yes to […]