Violet Voss PRO Holy Grail Eye Shadow palette

My very first Violet Voss palette! I’ve had this Violet Voss #MyHolyGrail palette for just over a month now. I purchased it from Sephora for $45.00 USD.

The 20 mostly burgundy-toned eyeshadows vary in finish and intensity, allowing endless eyelid/liner looks to be created. Each of the 20 trays is 0.06pz/18g in weight.



The colors are just stunning! Jojoba oil is the key ingredient that helps each shade blend and glide onto your lid easily. And, since many of the shades are similar in tone, you can easily create dimension with your selection and placement of the variety of the light/dark hues and finishes.












Plus! these contain NO Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.

Here is a breakdown of these exquisite 20 Holy Grail shades (starting in the upper left corner, moving from left to right, row by row:

row 1:

  • Crystal—soft pearl cream, finely milled
  • Ploof—pearly cool beige/grey/pink blend
  • Thanks A Latte—matte warm off-white
  • Transition—matte warm pale brown
  • Hashtag—matte orangey/beige

row 2:

  • Awesome Sauce—brilliant golden orange/brown pearl
  • Bestie—warm matte fawn
  • Toffee—glittery orange/tan
  • Chill—muted bronze
  • How U Doing—mauve-y copper



row 3:

  • Bat My Eyes—frosty cool brown
  • Cool Beans—frosty grey-ish brown
  • R U Kitten Me—matte warm subtle peach/brown
  • So Jelly—pink/taupe frost
  • On Fleek—burgundy copper frost

row 4:

  • Brownie Points—matte burgundy brown
  • Teddy Bear—matte deep red brown
  • Glamping—frosty burgundy brown
  • Cranberry Splash—deep purple/burgundy frost
  • Wine N Dine—cool cranberry































With SO many colors to choose from, here are 3 shade combinations that I’ve tried and liked:


crease: Bestie

lid: How U Doin

liner: Teddy Bear

outer lid corner: Bat My Eyes

highlighter (under brow):Thanks A Latte


crease: Transition

lid: Ploof

liner: Brownie Points

outer lid corner: On Fleek

highlighter (under brow and tear duct): Crystal


crease: R U Kitten Me

lid: Glamping

liner: Wine N Dine

outer lid corner: Teddy Bear

highlighter (under brow and tear duct): Crystal




















I was a bit surprised, at first, as to how truly burgundy the overwhelming majority of these shades are. However, I’ve really been leaning toward the cranberry eye lately, so these are perfect.

Gorgeous! I’d love to hear if you have this palette and if you’ve liked it as much as I do.














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