Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes!

Love false lashes? Tired of dealing with lash glue? Magnetic lashes are just the thing!

Fearing that my real lash count was going down from ripping lashes out when taking off glued-on lashes, I decided to try Glamnetic lashes. Their site makes choosing lashes easy, you can choose length (short, medium and long), volume preference, as well as synthetic or mink.

I chose two sets of VIP and one set of ETHEREAL lashes and a tube of the magnetic eyeliner with my order, taking advantage of a promotion that gave me free liner with an $80. purchase (which is why I chose three sets of lashes).

Both of these styles of lashes are fairly whispie. You can see from the empty case, just above, lash strips are held in place by a curved magnetic strip in the boxes of lashes.

Each removable lash strip has 6 small square magnets along the band. And, even though they are likely a usable length for most, you can trim them to suit if you feel that they look too long or hang past the edge of your real lash line. If you need to trim off a section, trim them from the outer edges in a section up to the next magnet (preferably with a small scissors).

*Also note: each lash comes with two lash anchors (tiny sections of magnet with a few lashes) so that you can secure the lashes by putting one anchor at either end of the lash line under your actual lashes to create a magnetic sandwich at the edges. But, be careful to notice these tiny pieces and not lose them when you take each lash strip out of the box.

Hopefully you can see the two tiny anchors and the magnets along the line of my lashes (below):

I didn’t end up using the anchors for fear of getting these minuscule pieces of magnet in my eyes. eek! For me the magnetic liner seemed to work well enough.

How to use the magnetic eyeliner:

  • note: you probably won’t need to use any mascara in association with these lashes, especially if you have long lashes. Putting mascara on long lashes will make it harder to avoid getting the magnetic liner on your lashes (which can create a clumpy messI did not use mascara with these). Do curl your eyelashes before application!
  • First, shake the black Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner well before every use, as it has the tendency to settle.
  • Line the top lash line with the Liquid Magnetic liner in a line that is as think as the magnet width, very close to the lash line. You can use the fingertip of your pinky finger to steady your hand as you line. If you have a hard time making a straight line, you can etch the line one little section at a time. Start about 1cm from the most inner part of the lower lash line, all the way to the outer edge. I think I made too thick a line at first, know that it really doesn’t have to be that thick.
  • tip: I used my regular liquid liner to augment this liner, and create a wing at the end of the line (at outer corner of the eyelid) as well as continue on over the tear duct (the places where it doesn’t need to be magnetic).
  • another tip: I’ve found that it is better to line/place the lashes one eye at a time. In other words, I think lining both eyes then trying to place the lashes on both eyes doesn’t work as well as doing those two steps one eye at a time. One at a time ensures that that you haven’t let the eyeliner get too dry (beyond the recommended 80%) on the second eye.

Lash placement:

  • Wait until the eyeliner is about 80% dry (about 10-15 seconds). You can use your fingertip to test the dryness—you want it to be just a bit tacky.
  • Use a handheld mirror, in a position so that you can watch the application from slightly below your eye, to get the lash placed. Start with the inner corner of the eye, letting the lash snap in place as you go.
  • So easy! Much easier than using glue.

Here are the VIP lashes:

At the end of wear, lashes can gently be pulled off the eyeliner. An oil based cleanser, makeup wipe or makeup remover will easily remove all traces of the liner. I usually use my favorite Lancome Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton swab to clean off remaining eyeliner, then wash my face as usual to remove the rest of my makeup.

Try to get any eyeliner residue that may be stuck to the magnets on the lashes by gently scratching if off and follow up with a makeup wipe. Be careful not get the magnets wet or wash the lashes in the water. The lashes can be stored on the magnetic strip in their box.

  • Lashes can be used over 35 times as long as you keep them clean and do not get them wet (so they maintain their shape).
  • Magnetic Eyeliner is good for 6 months after opening it.
  • Non-toxic Iron Oxide (cosmetics grade) is the ingredient in the liner that makes it magnetic.

Overall, I am very pleased with this option for stand-out lashes. Glamnetic has lash choices that are Vegan, Mink, Synthetic and even several different Colors. Plus, you can opt to buy a set that includes a few lashes with the liner.

I will definitely purchase this brand of lashes again. Next I’d like to try styles: Bella, Birthday Bi$sh, and OMG.

Have you tried magnetic lashes, even a different brand, and what did you think? So many options! Check out GLAMNETIC by clicking here. 😉

Happy New Year, Gorgeous! 2021

xoxo, Jen

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