MAYBELLINE Soda Pop eyeshadow palette

On a recent Target run, I picked up this fun little Maybelline Soda Pop palette. It is one of two beverage themed Maybelline palettes—the other one is called Lemonade Kraze. I liked this one best of the two because of its range of dark and light totally wearable colors (with my light olive undertone skin, the bright yellow in the lemonade palette was a little too ‘yellow’ for me, btw):

Plus, I liked the price! You can find this at Target for $9.99, Ulta for $13.99 and Walmart for $9.98 (to name a few places it is sold). Even on a tight budget, this palette will provide a multitude of eyeshadow combos to play with.

Soda Pop is 12 eyeshadow shades full, with both matte and shimmer finishes. The pans of color are even slightly soda pop scented (although you really have to try to smell them to discover this). Although there are a few ‘fun’ shades (deep blue, purple and cherry), most are a mix of light to dark neutrals (which makes them so wearable).

Now for a run down of the shades:

  • CHILLINGmatte creamy beige
  • SODA FIZZmetallic cool bronze
  • TONICsheer beige frost
  • GRAPE POPsheer cool violet
  • BLUE RASPBERRY—barely frosty midnight blue
  • GINGER ALEmetallic true cream
  • CRUSHINGmatte burnt orange (orange crush)
  • CHERRY ON TOPmetallic purple/magenta
  • CHERRY COLAmetallic cool burgundy
  • COLA FLOATmatte orangey cola brown
  • ROOT BEERmatte cool coffee brown

The range of finishes makes these ultra blend-able, however I think that they risk becoming too muted with a lot of layering. I tried a variety of combinations, and was not disappointed. Here is one application idea (after eyelid primer, of course):

I used a fluffy eye brush to apply CHILLING as an overall lid and under brow color, that will be a base for the crease color COLA FLOAT.

Next, I deepened the base color with GINGER ALE on the inner lid corner and tear duct of eyes as well as just under each the eye brow. Then COLA FLOAT brings a lovely, bold color to the outer lid corners as well a broad stroke on the lower lash line.

With more of a precision brush, I used CHERRY ON TOP along the top lash line and in the outer corners of lids (in a sideeways V shape). Then, I overlapped the COLA FLOAT color with a tighter application of BLUE RASPBERRY at the lash line.

And, as I mentioned, this may be more colors than you need but I used a light hand with the layering. For the finishing colors, I put CHERRY COLA on the outer third of lids, SUGAR HIGH on the inner third of my lids and SODA FIZZ (which is the most metallic of the colors) on the center lid.

I also tried a look that used CHILLING as a base color, COLA FLOAT for the crease again, and GRAPE POP as an all over the lid.

I would love to hear if you have this palette, and if so what your go-to shades are. Or, drop me a note if you have the Lemonade Kraze version and how you feel about that one. I was quite pleased with the colors and pigmentation of the shades in Soda Pop!

A couple of the shades do have some fall out (particularly the raspberry and soda fizz colors), so I set these with my UD Deslick setting spray to finish.

You go Gorgeous!



Maybelline Soda Pop palette

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