TARTE limited-edition Mermaid Kisses Lipstick Set

I purchased this Tarte set of four mini Color Splash lipsticks when I noticed it on sale recently. It is a limited-edition set, that I know you can still find (at least for a little while) on the tarte site. Full-size Color Splash lipsticks are also available and hopefully here to stay, in a few different finishes (including shade-shifting).


Mermaid Kisses is a cute, colorful little set of mini lipsticks. The actual lip colors are universal, staple shades (even though the tubes are bright). And, the mini size makes them super portable.

Untitled_Artwork 17

I like that tarte chose to go bright with these lipstick tubes, each in a different plastic ‘marbled’ color. What fun! Here are the lip shades:

  • Margs—(bubblegum pink tube) a medium, warm nude:

Untitled_Artwork 15Untitled_Artwork 6

Margs is light enough to wear during the day, and particularly great for the warmer months (or for vacation days).

  • Soaked—(violet purple tube) a mauve burgundy:

Untitled_Artwork 16Untitled_Artwork 11

I really like this cool-toned purple/red. Soaked is in the family of shades that is are go-to for me.

  • Jetset—(robin’s egg blue tube) a deep cranberry:

Untitled_Artwork 13Untitled_Artwork 8J

Jetset is even darker than Soaked. It’s more of a true cranberry. Again, a lovely shade.

  • Sandals—(aqua green tube) a mid-tone warm red

Untitled_Artwork 14Untitled_Artwork 7

I usually select red lipsticks on the cool range of the color but even though Sandals is warm in tone I think it I can still get away with wearing it for a ‘classic’ makeup look.

And, I bought one full-size Color Splash lipstick:

  • Yachting—(tropical waters blue tube) a cool blackberry purple

Untitled_Artwork 9Untitled_Artwork 12Untitled_Artwork 10

I actually picked-up Yachting before I got the set of four. Even though it is the color I was most drawn to, I think it verges on being a bit too dark for me. So, I’m glad to also have the other four for a choice of colors.

tarte’s Color Splash lipsticks are:

  • vegan
  • 12-hour wear
  • made without parabens or phthalates
  • dermatologist tested
  • moisturizing with shea butter and olive oil
  • creamy, matte
  • won’t feather or bleed

Untitled_Artwork 4Untitled_Artwork-1

Have a beautiful day, Gorgeous!



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