ALTER EGO BLOOMS eyeshadow palette

I wanted to share a few looks I created (over the course of a week), that feature the @shopAlterEgo #BLOOMS eyeshadow palette.

This palette is super affordable at just $16.00USD. WOW!

I created a few looks using the same set of products over several days (hence the different outfits in pix.) Here is the full range of products I used:

The BLOOMS palette is so lovely because it includes almost all the necessary shades for the areas of the lid to create depth and beautiful color (the one shade I wish it included is a matte tan for the wide crease, alas).

These are the blooming palette shades:

  • Peony: cool, pale, matte pink
  • Azalea: medium deep orangey pink
  • Daisy: silver/grey with micro sparkle
  • Calla: soft coppery gold metallic
  • Black Dahlia: (looks frosty in the pan) daily sheer, matte purple-y charcoal
  • Snapdragon: matte, almost terra-cotta brick shade
  • Fuchsia: highly pigmented pinky lavender with a bit of blue shift
  • Petunia: sparkling golden, vivid pink
  • Lily: pale golden metallic
  • Lush: matte cranberry red
  • Violet: matte deep reddish purple
  • Orchid: sheer-ish true purple
  • Petal: matte cream
  • Rose: matte warm red
  • Hibiscus: metallic cool red

Following are my finished looks. And, even though I created a look with a different shade focus each day I wore BLOOMS, these are my favorite shades for each area of the eye:

  1. I started with the wide crease of the lid, with the shade Peony
  2. To deepen the inner crease I used Snapdragon
  3. Fuchsia works wonderfully for the outer V of the lid and a bit of Lily brightens the inner lid/tear duct
  4. Petal was my go-to for brow highlight
  5. Black Dahlia mixed with Violet looks beautiful on top and bottom lash lines

I thought you might be interested in the full morning of makeup used. If so! read on.

My usual practice (generally) is to start with at least facial oil or serum, some moisturizing face cream and lip balm. I have several relatively new face products that i absolutely adore. And, since the two main full face shades contain SPF, I wasn’t concerned about wearing a separate sunscreen here.

I have been using two CC creams in lieu of foundation lately. I start with @JuiceBeauty Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF 30 in Natural Glow which goes on as a fairly sheer base that contains antioxidants + anti-aging benefits.

Because this CC cream comes out of the tube with a smooth silver tipped applicator (part of the packaging), it is easy to apply directly from the tube in several lines that will blend out over my whole face. I usually smooth it out with my fingers or a damp makeup sponge, making sure to get it all the way up to the edge of the hair line. The coverage is sheer, so it definitely requires some additional base color to cover imperfections.

Next, I apply the @Dermablendpro Continuous Correction full coverage CC Cream in 10N FAIR 1 (which may be just a touch to light for my complexion–I’ll have to get another tube in a darker shade). This makeup is full coverage, so it only takes a few dots for a really nice overall base of color. And, it is SPF 50+ which is a bonus. I usually use a damp sponge to blend this CC cream out because it is thicker than the first CC.

Final bit of color is some @kat.von.d beauty #lock-it concealer creme in L3 WARM, just to make sure the high planes of my face are as light reflecting as can be and any dark circles under my eyes or blemishes are out of sight. I keep coming back to this concealer because it is luxuriously creamy and has a doe foot applicator.

Voila! Face color is on:

My current setting powder of choice is @itcosmetics Bye Bye Pores Illumination compact powder in Radiant Translucent. I think this powder is meant to be used more as a highlight powder but I like the way it looks to set makeup over the whole face as it adds a brightness to my complexion (I made sure that it didn’t add any sparkle to the skin first, btw).

Next, I’ve been using the @keniaobeauty Set and Define Kit of contour shades. I got this great little face palette from @BoxyCharm (who by the way has the absolute best popup sale items/prices for subscribers-I’ll list my code at the end).

I like this selection of contour colors because it includes a a couple setting powders, a blush, two contours and one bronzer (with a bit of sparkle). I use the lightest matte contour along the edge of my jaw bones and to contour my cheek bones (if you have a darker complexion or are more tanned you could use the darker matte shade). I use the bronzer shade at the top of my forehead at my hair line and just along the edges of the sides of my face. And the magnify and set powders to take care of any spots on the face with residual shine.

For this look I did not use the blush in the Kenia palette but opted for the highlight and blush Floral Blush Duo from @bhcosmetics in the shade Lilac to introduce a bit of a cool tone/bright pop of cheek color (which I think is still available via Amazon). This duo also includes a highlight shade with hints of lilac that goes perfectly with the blush. *For the blush and the contour colors I used the two red contour brushes from @RealTechniques, which I adore for face color because of their angled bristle tips, and for the highlight I used a small fan brush.

Finishing products:

Overall, I’m very pleased with the rosy eyeshadow shade ranges in the Alter Ego BLOOMS palette. Making summer last with some bright floral shades.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Gorgeous!



p.s. If you are interested in checking out Boxy Charm (best subscription box I have ever had), they have three different levels of membership, allow you to retake their beauty quiz whenever if you do not receive products you love, and have killer prices on their popup sales! visit them here: BoxyCharm, and feel free to use my referral code: Jennifer-JKXWUTAV.

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