Take Me Back to Brazil brush set by bh Cosmetics

I’m delighted that I came across this fun set of 10 metallic handle (lightweight too!), ultra-soft bristled Take Me Back to Brazil makeup brush set for eyes and face. Not only is the set really well priced, but the brush bristles are densely packed to give makeup an air-brushed application. Plus, they are currently on sale (in fact I already gave these as a gift to a friend’s daughter, who loved them).

If chilly winter weather is bringing you down, these are sure to brighten up your makeup counter. The handle hues are all tropical, reminiscent of the bright Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro.

In fact, the brush handles are each a different color and are approximately 5″ long (before the bristles). They feel hollow because they are so surprisingly lightweight, however they also feel very sturdy.


Here are my suggested best uses (although I do believe that you should use any brush for what works best for your makeup routine!):

  • shell pink—this one is the largest and is perfect for face setting and finishing powders
  • coral pink—angled bristles provide a controlled application of blush
  • papaya orange—rounded bristles accurately brush under cheek bones and along the hair line for contour 
  • pineapple yellow—full rounded bristles seamlessly blend out lines between face colors
  • lime green—large eyelid shader, excellent for along lash lines
  • palm green—flat shader brush, for cream eyeshadows
  • turquoise blue—fat eyelid crease blending brush to blend out crease contour shades
  • plumeria purple—detailing round brush that I like for under brow highlight color
  • violet purple—small pencil brush for eye color detailing with precision (for areas like tear duct highlighting)
  • bougainvillea pinksmall angled brush for brows or tight lining eyes

As if you couldn’t tell, I really like this set. 🙂 They are small & light enough to pack easily for travel, and just the right selection to have a brush that will work for any kind of makeup.

A few more pix for fun:

My dears, let me know if you also have this set, and if you like them as much as I do!

btw—bh Cosmetics has a few products in their Take Me Back to Brazil collection, including a Rio Edition 35-shade eyeshadow palette of bright rainbow shades that is also on sale at the time of this post.

Wishing everyone in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving this week! And, thank you so much for stopping by givemegorgeous! xoxo,



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