AURA CACIA Harmonizing Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is a very inexpensive and effective way to moisturize your face and prevent future wrinkles. I found the variety pictured below at a vitamin store I frequent, and couldn’t resist giving it a try after finding out how cheap it is to buy. I did some reading on natural remedies for dry skin, which led me to try this. It is all natural, containing 100% pure botanical ingredients and rich in antioxidants – made of only grapeseed oil and vitamin E. The oil is clear (but can have some cloudiness), fairly thick (but goes on light and thin) and has no real odor. It can be applied to the face directly (a drop goes a long way) or added to facial lotions.

Constantly looking for ways to keep my skin moisturized and even led me to try Grapeseed Oil. I’m always a bit wary of products that include the word ‘oil’ because my skin has the tendency to produce enough of its own – and I want to steer clear of any products that might make me break out. However, this will work even for those of you with oily or combination skin because it regulates oily skin and soothes your face (so that your skin won’t feel the need to produce more). It tones/firms skin, restores balance, brightens your skin and deeply moisturizes. I use just a few drops to massage the oil into my face at night after washing, just before bed. It absorbs quickly and does not leave any residue on my pillow. In the morning my skin looks healthy and has no ruddiness.

  • Vitamin Life, $4.24 – 2013
  • with vitamin E
  • weight: 4 fl oz, 118 ml
  • cruelty-free


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