Three products that fix an oily complexion

Do you battle an oily complexion like I do? If so, then these products (one or all) may be perfect to add to your morning makeup routine. I purchased all of them fairly recently, and started wearing them together to achieve an all day matte complexion. Here they are, in the order they would be worked into your skincare or morning getting ready ritual:

  1. Humphrey’s Alcohol Free Citrus Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Facial Toner

I use this completely clear liquid product with a cotton pad, gently sweeping it across a freshly washed face to pick up any stubborn debris (for thoroughly clean skin). The added citrus scent helps it from being too ‘medicine-y’ smelling.

Its hard to find a witch hazel toner that doesn’t also include alcohol, so I was so happy to find this one that is alcohol free in addition to being packed with natural ingredients. The power players are:

  • witch hazel (of course), citrus extracts and meadowsweet—all help remove residue for a deep cleanse and regulate skin’s oil production
  • vitamin C and lemon bioflavonoids—help increase collagen synthesis and neutralize free radicals (yay)
  • a few more extracts that it contains: chamomile, green tea, & aloe

Untitled_Artwork 19

I picked up this 8 fl oz/237 ml bottle for just over $8.00 at Walmart (great price too).

This is such an easy step to include, after washing your face. Plus, it won’t strip your skin of oils that it needs, and is non-drying. I’m always onboard with products that rely on natural ingredients!

2. Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free magnifying oil-free moisturizer


This product is also so affordable at $6.99 from Ulta. The tube holds 2.54 fl oz/75 ml which will last a while because you don’t need very much for a full face application.

Seriously Shine Free comes out of the tube as somewhat of a gel consistency and appears a tad milky, but it melts into skin invisibly. I apply it with my fingertips right after toning my face (and maybe after some strategically placed serum), in a few pea-sized drops.


It doesn’t have any really distinguishable scent (maybe smells a bit like aloe). Because its oil free, it won’t clog pores. And, contrary to what may seem intuitive, remember that moisturized skin is less irritated so that means it is less likely overproduce oils.

The main power ingredients are:

  • aloe barbadensis leaf juice—moisturizes and softens skin
  • bamboo stem extract—absorbs excess oil

After these two products, I usually add a sunscreen and primer before the long list of makeup products. The last in this trio is a ‘fixing’ or setting powder and is one of the last products I use in the morning:

3. essence all about matt! fixing compact powder

Untitled_Artwork 17

I also picked this up on my recent trip to Ulta, for just $3.99 (so why not?!). I really like it, because it doesn’t crease, is almost invisible on skin, stays matte all day (seriously) and is super lightweight.

The only drawback to this item is that it does include talc. Otherwise, I love it. And, it will work on any skin type. Even if you don’t wear makeup a dusting of this powder will work fine to keep oil at bay without leaving a white sheen. The particles are quite fine too so it never feels heavy on my skin.

Untitled_Artwork 18

Babes, would love to hear your opinion if you are using any of these. And, feel free to hit me up with any questions about usage.

It just so happened that I bought these three products around the same time but realized they all are very effective at oil-control, esp. when used in tandem, so I decided to blog them together. If I had to choose just one though, I would say go with the witch hazel. But, I do like them all.

The weekend is on the way! Hang on. 🙂

Love and xo,


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