Z Palette limited-edition ROSE POP Neon Pop large magnetic makeup palette

So, too long ago for me to remember exactly when but less than a year ago, I purchased a set of loose eyeshadow pans that came with a small palette from ColourPOP. But after receiving them, I wanted to be able to organize them with another set of ColourPOP pans I had and a few pans that I have in mind to take out of some older palettes in order to consolidate them.

That’s when I found this one on Amazon (good ol’ Amazon). It is not specifically designed for the pans that I have but will fit roughly 33 of the ColourPOP pans (that are just under an inch in diameter each):

This particular palette called ROSE POP LARGE is limited edition and is a part of Z Palette’s Neon Pop Collection, with a bright rainbow rose design (so pretty). It is roughly 4.75″ X 8″ in size, has a mostly clear top (except the rim), a magnetic base, and a magnetic closure. Perfect for all of my metal ColourPOP pans.

Not to mention, it came with a little packet of 10 round and 10 rectangle small adhesive metal sheets that can be stuck to the bottom of non-magnetic pans (or pans that are still sticky after being de-potted from another palette). They thought of everything!

Now, on to the eyeshadows, which all do easily fit in this palette.

The main set I have is called Pretty Please that includes 12 eyeshadow pans: 4 matte shades, 2 metallic eyeshadows and 6 pressed glitter pans. This set is mainly terra cotta, rose, gold and opal in hue range.

These are the colors:

4 mattes:

  • Top Notch 19D1: matte terra cotta
  • Lay Low 19G2: matte muted coral
  • Cut-Outs 19G1: matte orange-y coral
  • Stay Golden 19G2: matte coppery rose

2 metallics:

  • Thank U, Next 19D1: metallic copper
  • Misty 19G4: metallic rosy copper

6 pressed glitters (so fun):

  • Island Hopping 19G1: opal iridescent glitter with a blue shift
  • Hungry Ghost 19H2: pale golden glitter with a yellow aura
  • Get Lost 19G1: yellow opal glitter
  • Renegade 19G1: coppery rose gold glitter
  • Indio 19G2: mauve/pink holographic glitter
  • Over Packed 19G1: opalesque lavender glitter


arm swatches: in outdoor and indoor light

All of the pressed glitters in this set are stunning. I like to use either of the two lightest glitters as lid toppers over any other color eyeshadow to really amp up a look.

Then I discovered that I had an additional set of ColourPOP eyeshadows tucked away in a drawer—The Yin To My Yang set (which I think has been discontinued, but single eyeshadow pans are still available). They are the top 6 eyeshadows here:


  • Now And Zen 18B1: palest yellow gold metallic
  • Tea Garden 17I3: duochrome red with a green/gold shift
  • Glass Ball 17J7: duo chrome lavender-y taupe with ice blue shift
  • Snake Eyes 18A2: metallic taupe with a hint of pink
  • Dragonfly 18A1: (this one appears to have been discontinued) a metallic pale bronze
  • Let’s Do It 18A1: matte true black


These shades are a little tricky to use because of the duochromes (which change color and never look like they do in the pan). I thought the green would be my favorite of this set but it never appears green with its weird red shift. Glass Bull always looks really blue on but taupe in the pan. However, the palest and the darkest shades (Now And Zen, Let’s Do It) are really great staples.

The ROSE POP palette is turning out to be really handy storage for these extra pans. What do you think of the wild rose design?

Wishing you all a fabulous week. Let me know if you’ve already shopped the holiday sales for makeup, for yourself or others!

xo, Jen

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