VISEART Petit PRO 3 eyeshadow palette

I found this Viseart Petit PRO 3 palette on the Sephora site and fell in love with the collection of summer garden and freshly cut flower colors. Petit PRO 3 runs for $30. USD, which may seem a bit expensive especially for its size (about 2″ x 3.5″), but what better way to have such an array of eyeshadow hues in a cute, compact and packable size.

The palette comes with all of the matte shades on the top row and all of the shimmer shades on the lower row. And, the closure is magnetic. Plus the lid includes a mirror.

Untitled_Artwork 12

Untitled_Artwork 17A wonderful thing about this palette is that all the trays are all magnetic, removable and replaceable. It took me a minute to figure out that they could be removed, after which I readily rearranged them better to my liking:

Untitled_Artwork 18I found that I preferred to have the two darkest colors on the far left and the two most dazzling shades on the far right, with all of the more neutral shadows in the center—keeping the matte on the left and the frosts on the right.

initial arrangement    –vs.–    custom Jen arrangement:

The new arrangement makes better sense to me because I usually start off with the crease color (matte caramel), all-over lid color (matte pale pink) and lash line/outer lid V shades (either of the two dark matte hues). I put these four all on the left. Then I usually move on to dress the look up with strategic placement of the shimmer shades, which I grouped together on the right, with the two most colorful of the four on the far right (I like those two best!). Granted, I may keep it simple by only using a couple shades on some days.

How would you rearrange these? I just think it is a fun option to have!

Before we go any further, here are the swatches (in no particular order):

Untitled_Artwork 13

Viseart Petit Pro 3

You can see how absolutely gorgeous the Sage and Framboise (raspberry) shimmer shades are! Right?! The color names that may not be as familiar to you are the ones that are gem stones or semi-precious stones (Ambre, Tourmaline, Beryl, Jasper and Morganite).

Stick with me, I have created three different looks for your consideration:

  1. Sage lid:

2. Shimmery tea in the garden look (light application):

Viseart Petit Pro 3


3. Framboise beret:

My findings:

  • The lightest frost shades can be worn fairly sheer for a lovely sheen. These two blend out easily and blend together flawlessly.
  • The matte shades are a tad chalky and do not have as powerful a color payoff as I would like, but any of these are layer-able and can be built up.
  • The matte pink is a superb all-over lid color and the shimmery pink can be used for highlights (think tear duct area).
  • As per my usual, these are best worn with a lid primer and finished with a setting spray.

Note that his palette does NOT come with a brush (too small for one really), however I think that is fine because the the small brushes found in palettes of this size aren’t usually that useful.

Wishing all you gorgeous people in the US a very happy Fourth of July!!!







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