COVER FX Monochromatic Blush DUO in Mojave Mauve

This COVER FX Monochromatic Blush Duo was a recent purchase directly from They have 6 very lovely shades of duos to choose from at $38.00 each. These are called ‘monochromatic’ because both shades are essentially the same color, but one is matte and one is shimmer (meant to be layered and used together). So it is virtually impossible to not get these to look good in tandem.

It was difficult to make a decision between the available shades because I think several of them would have been good choices for my complexion. I finally settled on MOJAVE MAUVE which Cover FX describes as a ‘dusty rose‘ because it was the lightest of the cool toned sets.


I’m not sure it’s actually a mauve but more like a cool-toned light pink. Mojave Mauve doesn’t really have a purple cast, but it is very pretty.

The beauty of these monochromatic duos is that there is no question that any of the sets will go well together and will give your cheeks more dimension that just one blush finish. CoverFX recommends brushing on the matte option to your cheeks first then following that application by applying the shimmer shade with your fingertips lightly just to the apple of cheeks.

I’ve usually been wearing the set by using a fluffy brush to put the matte on the apple of my cheeks and a fan brush to apply the shimmer overlapping the top edge and just above that first color:

It may be kind of hard to see the difference the addition of the shimmer shade makes (in these pix) but it does have a bit of pearl so will pick up the light (whereas the matte shade won’t, of course).  It makes cheeks slightly brighter and provides highlight for the high point of cheeks in sunlight or spots of light.


The other shade choices are: SOFT PEACH (the lightest shade, more of a nude), PINK DAHLIA (a warm baby pink), WARM HONEY (a light bronze rose), SPICED CINNAMON (a deep spice red/brown), and SWEET MULBERRY (the darkest shade, saturated plum). All of the shades are high impact colors that are supposed to be true in tone on the skin as they are in the pan.

Love that these are talc-free, cruelty-free, vegan and qualify as a #cleansephora cosmetic at Sephora.

At a fairly expensive price point, I think these will be worth their cost due to their great color payoff (you probably won’t need to use as much to get vivid cheek color). And, they are fun because you can customize the way you layer them to get the right dimensional affect for your face shape. The duo has a net wt. of 0.51 oz/14.5 g.


After I use the MOJAVE MAUVE for a little while I want to also try the PINK DAHLIA set (so pretty)! If you have that set or any of the others (or this one), let me know if you like it and how it compares to your other blushes.

You go Gorgeous! xoxo,



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