DHC Celestial Eyeshadows

I just happened upon this seller (DHC) looking online for a new mascara (which I also have a blog about) and found that their products contained skin loving and natural ingredients. And, as usual, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try some new eyeshadows – especially at these great prices. This Eye Shadow Moon […]

DHC Double Protection Mascara

This is one of my absolute favorite mascaras because I never have a problem with it bleeding under my eye during the day. It only comes in black – which I believe is the best color of mascara for all women. The packaging is relatively small and the bristles on the wand are short and […]

DHC Concentrated Eye Cream – Eye Moisturizer

An effective eye area moisturizer, this one is geared particularly to moisturize the delicate skin of the eye area. Packaged in a small, opaque jar with a lid that screws on. The cream is thick to the touch, but easily melts into the skin and absorbs quickly – it will work great for those with […]