BPerfect Carnival III eye palette and GetWet Skin Sheen

After purchasing #BPerfect’s Carnival XL Pro Palette (also a Stacey Marie collab) I had to have more of these vibrant eyeshadows. So, I picked up the Carnival III LOVE TAHITI X Stacey Marie palette as well.

The palette on the left is the Carnival XL Pro and the other is the Carnival III LOVE TAHITI palette. They are both such beautiful and colorful color stories. The XL palette has the added benefit of three shimmer and glow face colors but otherwise the eye colors are ALL totally different. Even the shades, between the two, that look similar are unique when swatched next to each other. So! I had to have both.

The XL palette mainly has more neutrals and blues than the Love Tahiti palette which has more greens, orange-y tones, and purples (I do love the purples!). This post, primarily is about the Carnival III palette.

I might also mention, however, that when I ordered said palette, I also ordered one of BPerfect’s Get Wet cream highlighters (as well as a few sets of lashes).

First, let me show you the knock-out gorgeous, peacock array of shades:

How pretty are these color saturated eyeshadows?!

I think my favorite shade pans are: Tahiti, Grape and Magenta (for the purples); Key Lime and Pink Lily (for bright pops of color on the tear duct or lash line); and Cocoa plus Tan Lines (as go-to, layered crease shades).

Here are the swatches, in order of the rows of the palette (top to bottom):

row 1:

row 2:

row 3:

row 4:

AND row 5:

btw, I think it is funny that two of the color names are character names from The Boys (The Deep and Starlight). haha

I only wish that there were a few really light/white shades included in this palette. I think it would really benefit from a pearly white, a matte marshmallow beige and a frosty white with a pastel shift. And, the only black (a matte—Black Beach) applies a little patchy. All notes worth of mentioning, however, these are only minor issues with the whole collection.

The shades vary in texture, pigmentation and finish, some are easier to work with than others. You can probably tell from the swatches which ones don’t apply as smoothly or have some fall-out. I use a lid primer with these (as always).

Here are a few looks:

I know that all of these are fairly tame, but I can totally see bold halo lids or vibrant cut crease possibilities here. Let me know which shades are you dying to try?

The single large pan BPerfect X Stacey Marie Get Wet highlighters come in four shades. Of which, I chose Skin Sheen, a sheer icy white highlight of micro gold and blue glitter flecks (smooth and so tiny glitter). Really, it is so stunning!

I think these are best applied with the fingertip. At first touch they are so soft and effortlessly adhere (no chunky glitter or fall out). I think that because the particles are so fine, they stay on well all day. And, when caught in the light are dazzling.

I like to apply them above blush, on the very highest point of the cheek, in a wide ‘C shape’ that curls just around the outer edge of the eyebrow. And, I usually smooth a small amount down the bridge of my nose and a tad on the cupid’s bow of the upper lip. But, these highlighters will also be splendid in the evening along the collarbone and shoulders (use that candlelight!).

The other three shade choices are: Dew You (a wet skin sheen with pink shift glitter), Holo’Glaze (sheer bronze sheen with pink and purple reflects), and Soft Silk (a sun beam glow).

Have you started shopping for the holidays? Or, are you one to deck the house out in autumn decor first?

Make it a fabulous week!

xo, Jen

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