NikkieTutorials X BeautyBay palette 2020

I’ve had my NikkieTutorials/BeautyBay collab palette for a few weeks now. I selected to receive the notification when it first became available for its launch at the very end of August. And, when I got that notice from BeautyBay, I ordered it right away!

Luckily I got in early enough to also receive one of the Nikkie pop sockets with my order. Launch bonuses for the first group of orders included one of two pop sockets: a bright-side pink one or a dark-side black one. I received the pink one–yay! There were two other limited bonuses for the very first groups that ordered: 50 people got a golden ticket for an online master class with Nikkie, and some received their palette with Nikkie de Jager’s signature in gold on the box.

The palette itself is divided into two sides: a dark and a bright (although the pans of color–light and dark–seem to be pretty well mixed throughout). Each separate side represents the a side of Nikkie’s personality and the color names also have personal significance to Nikkie. Each side opens with its own magnetic closure ‘wing’ that include an inset mirror. The bright side holds a regular mirror and the dark side has a magnifying mirror for close-up views.

This limited edition palette also comes with a little card that lists the color names (laid-out as they are in the palette), a short color description, and application suggestion: brush or fingertip. All of the colors have the brush picture noted. And all of the shimmer shades also have a picture of a fingertip. For these, Nikkie recommends first applying with a finger then blending out with a brush (so as not to lose any pigment or sparkles to the brush when first transferring it to the lid).

The palette is named a ‘pressed pigment palette‘ on the box, curiously it doesn’t say ‘eyeshadow‘ anywhere. I think that is possibly because some of the shades have ingredients that are not necessarily good to get in your eye, just sayin‘.

Nevertheless, I am so excited to have this collection that combines vibrant shades with wearable transition colors. So, without further ado, here ALL the colors:

I love that this palette, that includes 20 pans of pigment, is sold exclusively on Beauty Bay for only $30. And, these shades allow for as bold a look as you dare! On YouTube, Nikkie’s said that she wasn’t sure, before launch, if they would make more if they happened to sell out. Well, of course they did sell out and Beauty Bay now has a note that more are coming! You can enter your email on their page to get notice of when the next batch drops.

I digress. Here are the details on the shades, with some notes about what Nikkie mentioned the colors mean to her. And, keep reading because I’ll show you a couple looks at the end.

These are the palette’s top two rows of color:

  • REDEMPTION: matte marigold orange
  • BLEND & SNAP: inspired by the movie ‘Legally Blonde’—a bright, matte bubblegum pink
  • IVY: go-to tear duct shade of shimmering white with micro glitternamed after one of her two dogs
  • SLASHER: matte, deep eggplant purple (one of my faves)—her nod to slasher movies
  • 5AM: matte chocolate brown
  • ROXY CATAN: shimmering rose gold—her ‘undercover name’ for hotel reservations
  • VLA: the Dutch word for ‘pudding’—a very bright, matte yellow
  • MIKAI: named after the little brother that Nikkie lost, whose favorite color was red, which is why she put it in the ‘heart’ or center of the palette—a matte, bright orange-y true red
  • MILA: the shade of Nikkie’s other puppy—a caramel brown
  • UNDERGROUND: a perfect way to bring the sparkle to any look—a silver/gold/bronze explosion of micro-glitters

These are the bottom two rows of pans:

  • PLOT TWIST: so named because this shade looks different on everybody and in different light sources, plus it swatches miserably, but! it is great as a transition for Amsterdam—an almost chalky palest of blues
  • AURA: frosty orange, rose gold
  • BASIC TRUT: this shade (that matches Nikkie’s skin tone exactly) means ‘basic bitch’ in Dutch—it is THE transition color in the palette, especially for those with fair skin but can also be used as a base highlight color
  • ALL-IN: a gorgeous champagne shimmer that almost looks like it includes a clear coat on top, very lovely with pale green and pink reflects
  • EW: the name says it all!—a unique cool toned, minty, token green
  • PRIDE: Nikkie said this was her favorite shade!—bubblegum pink with silvery blue and pink sparkles
  • ZOMER: ‘Summer’ in Dutch—I think this one looks like a pinkish cantaloupe color
  • MAMA TUTORIALS: a color for Nikkie’s mother—an aqua frost with impactful pigmentation (you can tell from the swatch that it goes on thick and only takes one swipe to get impressive coverage)
  • AMSTERDAM: the card included with the palette says this one is ‘matte cobalt blue’ but I think it is a deep, matte periwinkle blue that is also very pigmented
  • MR TUTORIALS: another of my faves, named after Dylan because it is the shade of his eyes—a hazel olive shimmer

As promised, here are just a couple looks (really, your artistic license is set loose with this color collection):

For this green & purple cool look, I used:

  • MILA and 5AM for the crease
  • BASIC TRUT to blend out the top of the crease colors and highlight brow
  • EW wide outer < of lid
  • AMSTERDAM to deepen very outer < of lid
  • ALL-IN center of lid
  • IVY tear duct
  • SLASHER and BLEND & SNAP! lower lash line

For this bright red/orange sunburst look I used:

  • REDEMPTION inner wide crease
  • BLEND & SNAP! outer wide crease
  • MIKAI deepen whole crease, especially outer crease
  • VLA inner lid
  • IVY center lid & tear duct
  • SLASHER outer 1/3 of lid
  • AMSTERDAM & SLASHER lower lash line

And, a couple more:

What a fun palette! If you have this palette, I would love to see what looks you have created. You, go Gorgeous!



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