Lime Crime 2 Velvetines lipliners and a Bushy Brow Gel

This mini haul from Lime Crime includes two shades of their Velvetines Lip Liners (which I intended to be used in combination to create the perfect nude lip) and one Bushy Brow brow gel. The nude lip idea was my inspiration for the order.

For the Velvetines, I selected:

  • TAUPEST—a greige, pale nude (to use to overline lips before applying lipstick)
  • PLATFORM—a medium dark sienna nude (to create a final thin edge, new edge, of lips to give a defined line once all lip color has been applied)

The lipstick I’m using for this nude lip is a Sephora Outrageous Plumping Effect liquid lip gloss in shade #02 XXL Nude (a very pale, slightly pink, glossy nude). These Sephora glosses come in 8 shade selections and help plump and hydrate lips with sunflower seed oil, ginger root oil and peppermint oil. Although pretty thick in texture, I did not find these lip tints to be sticky. I think four of the shades have a bit of a sparkle too. And, although I did not notice a lot of plumping I think they are great as glosses.

This is the finished product! The Velvetines lip liners come in 22 pigmented shades. They may appear like you can twist the base up for more product but they are actually pencil liners.

Love! that they have a very soft texture that glides on without any tugging and that then dry-down to a matte finish that won’t budge til you take it off. You can also use them to create an all-over base on lips for lip color to adhere to or gloss to magnify.

Velvetines come in a wide range of lip shades, here are a few examples: FIRE BIRD (a bright orange red), PLASTIC (fuchsia shock pink), FIONA (burgundy) and PETUNIA (violet purple).

The Bushy Brow brow gel I selected in the color DIRTY BLONDE, a kind of light grey/brown shade (the lightest shade they offered). Bushy Brow comes in seven shade options, one of which is clear.

I’ve used the Bushy Brow in the above photos, as well as the lip liners. Bushy Brow is perfect for a quick, polished brow. It contains a gel as well as a tint, so it keeps hairs in place while adding volume with a bit of color. Its basically fool-proof!

Sometimes, I even follow up the Bushy Brow application with a fine edge brow pencil like Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow pencil if I think I need even more color or sharper edges (like for evening wear).

Happy Autumn! What’s your go-to fall beverage? Mine has got to be the pumpkin spice latte although I’ve only had one so far this season.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Jen

p.s. I’m including Lime Crime’s recent offer, in case you are interested in checking them out:

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