Couple Eyeshadow looks with the Essentials palette

Thought I’d do a quick post of a couple looks using the Violet Voss Essentials eyeshadow palette. It comes with a nice range of shades in both matte and frost finishes. And, it has what I think all palettes definitely need to accomplish a complete look: 1—light highlight shade, 1—ultra dark lash line shade and, at least, 1—nice crease color. In fact, it has several shades that are great to build up a crease and the two lightest matte shades also work perfectly for all-over lid shade. It has 4 mattes and 4


The ten eyeshadow pans include 5 mattes and 5 metallics:

  • Black—matte grey/black
  • Cinnamon—matte red-tinged brown
  • Plum Berry—(my fave) metallic blue-toned violet
  • Dusty Rose—matte barely pink beige
  • Pink—frosty, cotton candy pink with gold shift

Untitled_Artwork 23

  • Cream—finely milled frosty beige frost
  • Sand—slightly orange, pale matte tan
  • Terra Cotta—muted, light to medium earthy orange
  • Gold—glistening true metallic gold
  • Emerald—medium, metallic, cool frosty green with ice blue micro glitters

With this many colors, you want to be careful to use them strategically, so they don’t lose their brilliance from the application becoming a ‘muddy’ blend. Although I generally like to use the same shades from the crease, I tried to mix up the lid shades:

1.) First look, with step-by-step:

colors used: Sand, Terra Cotta, Cinnamon, Emerald and Cream

2.) Second, finalized look:

colors used: Sand, Pink, Plum Berry, Dusty Rose, and Cream for highlight.

-AND- one other day’s finished look:

colors used: Sand, Cinnamon, Plum Berry and Cream

With all of these looks I also used: Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer and Urban Decay de-slick Makeup Setting Spray.

The Essentials palette is a fun little palette with a lot of color choices. I received this as one of my Boxy Charm subscription items, but you can still find it on the Violet Voss site too, either way for $29.00. And, it is also sold on Mercari.

By the way, I really like my Boxy Charm subscription, I always get great items (and I’ve subscribed to other beauty services in the past that have not been as good). If you want to check them out, I would love for you to use my referral link: BoxyCharm. If you decide to subscribe, I’d be honored if you would use my referral code (Jennifer-JKXWUTAV) at check out.

With extra time at home, have you had more opportunity to experiment with your makeup looks? If so, I’d love to hear about some of your current, favorite products to use. And, feel free to send a picture too.

Well, you’ve almost made it to Friday. Hang in there, Gorgeous!

xoxo, Jen

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