The Oasis—June Boxycharm

Before we hit July (barely), here are the items received in my June 2020 Boxycharm box, #BOXYOASIS. Another full-size eyeshadow palette this month! And, it included a couple luxurious skincare products.

Untitled_Artwork 38

This set of 3 lipliners came in some very usable colors:

  1. BEAU BABE: a chestnut nude
  2. KOTY KIRA: muted soft fawn
  3. NUTTY NAT: deep, warm red


Sadly, these are all a little more brown-hued than the shades of lipstick I regularly wear. And, I haven’t had good luck with their staying power. Although that may mean that they will make fine all-over lip shades (with a foundation prime) as they seem to blend very easily.

I think this may have been the one item I actually selected for this month’s box. I’ve used the Porefessional before and it is a very good primer, particularly for oil-prone skin.

This primer has a matte finish, feels weightless on the skin, will work for any skin tone and helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. I apply it with my fingertips to moisturized skin (it also includes a vitamin E derivative to protect against free radicals).

Untitled_Artwork 28

Lavido is a new brand for me, and Age Away is such a skin pampering product.

Meant for dry or mature skin, Age Away comes out of the tube a thick white cream. It is intensely hydrating and firming. Who doesn’t want to keep age at bay, at any age (best to start amping up your moisturizers sooner rather than later)?

Key ingredients are:

  1. Avacado and Melissa organic oils—to decrease wrinkle depth and boost hydration
  2. Plant-based Hyaluronic Acidplumps and improves moisture retention
  3. Summer Snowflake extract (from the bulb of the Narcissus flower) and Grapefruit seed oil extract—smooth wrinkles

Love this product! If your skin needs a hydration boost due to the heat of summer, this is just the thing.

Now that I’ve found this product, I am definitely going to explore what else Lavido has to offer.


Pretty Filter is a unique product that is balm, moisturizer and primer. It virtually melts into skin to create a canvas for makeup. Apply this product after skincare to prep for cosmetics with an all-day glassy skin effect.

I think the deep, screw-on lid for this product is unusual and kindof cool.

The Heritage palette is decorated with a gold Greek-inspired cover, with a magnetic closure. Inside it contains 10 round pans of eyeshadow meant to unleash your inner Greek goddess.

5 matte eyeshadows:

  1. NARRATE A STORY: cream
  2. ANTHROPOLOGY: pale kakhi
  3. WRITTEN BY WINNERS: hazelnut brown
  4. CIVILISATION: barely terra cotta pink
  5. PHONOTACTIC: sable brown

1 matte with glitter eyeshadow, EUPHONIC: royal purple with micro ice blue and silver glitters


1 shimmer eyeshadow, MONUMENT: an almost grey oyster white

1 satin eyeshadow, NEVER FORGET: raspberry pink with sheen

2 metallic

  1. MARBLE STATUES: pale gold with patina
  2. MEGALOMANIA: coppery bronze

Here are the hues in sunlight and shadow:

Euphonic is really in a category all its own with its gorgeous micro glitters. This shade is possibly my favorite of the set. I haven’t tried it as an all over lid color yet, but I think that would be sexy for evening.

Zovea has so many beautiful palettes, I’m pleased to have received this one. Would love to hear your experience with this brand if you have this or another of their eyeshadow palettes.

If you subscribe to BoxyCharm, I would love to hear what products you received in recent boxes that you have loved. If you want to check BoxyCharm out and possibly subscribe, I would be honored to have you use my friend link and referral code:

Hang in there with all the Covid precautions! Hope you aren’t going stir crazy.




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