Mother Nature themed BOXYCHARM May products

So, yeah, I know its almost July! I’m A TINY BIT delayed with revealing the items I received from @Boxycharm in May, but I’ve been sent such great products by this subscription box lately—I had to share. (And, I will have my June items posted, hopefully before July, lol.)

May’s Boxycharm theme is Mother Nature, #BOXYNATURE. And, here are the 5 full-sized products I received:

When you remove the blackberry purple lid from Berryglow, you’ll see that the product is a milky purple with what appears to be tiny flecks of fruit seed pieces. And, it smells juicy!

To use this mask, I applied it to my freshly washed face, left it on for 10 minutes (as recommended) and tissued any excess off. Any leftover residue I just massaged into my skin, although you can also rinse after applying it if you want. Either way, then follow-up with your usual nighttime skincare for plumped, happy skin.


Power ingredients of BerryGlow are:

  1. Superberry Blend“: blueberry, cranberry and yogi extracts, which are packed with antioxidants
  2. Lactobacillus Ferment Probiotic: (warning, don’t try to pronounce this) an additive balances and encourages healthy skin with microbiome (bacteria and other beneficial microbiomes)
  3. Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter: all of these plump and hydrate skin as well as create a protective moisture barrier (so important for summertime or vaca)

I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many liquid black eyeliners.

This ultra black ‘blickity black’ eyeliner has a satin finish. I love that it dries quickly and stays put all day (if you have hooded eyelids this will work for you). The tip narrows to a point and is super flexible for great control of line thickness. I like to use this for winged eyeliner.

Here are a couple more, pictures that also include the next item:


I’ve used Uncaged before and was very happy to receive an additional tube. I particularly like that although this cream primer comes out of the tube slightly nude in color, it spreads out sheer with great holding power.

Reasons I love Uncaged: it’s very creamy and blend-able; smooths out to sheer/translucent; is lightweight and silky in texture; contains mineral-rich clay to absorb excess oil; and can be applied with a small brush or your fingertip (I usually use my fingertip).

If you haven’t tried micellar water yet because you are skeptical, it does work amazingly well WITHOUT stripping skin of its natural oils. And, it does not require rinsing.


What make’s tarte’s version of micellar special is its nifty top dispenser. I use a cotton pad to press down on the dispenser and absorb the product. Then I swipe it over my face to remove all makeup (it will even remove even mascara, lipstick and eyeliner!).

Especially for summer, when you may go for more natural makeup looks, micellar magic is a handy option for quick makeup removal.

I can’t tell you how excited I am when I receive eyeshadow palettes as part of this box.


Essentials (I left the ‘s’ off in the picture above, whoops) is balanced and so colorful. It includes 10 shades of fairly large pans of eyeshadow in 5 mattes and 5 frosty colors.

The variety of shades give you so many creative options. With any possible look, I’m delighted that Essentials includes one great highlight color (Cream) and one very dark lash line shade (Black). And, Sand, Dusty Rose, and Cinnamon make a great layered crease in any combination.

Plus, this palette brings together a very balanced combo of warm and cool shades—All good!

Overall, I am very pleased with ALL of these products and with the #Boxycharm program. If you want to check them out, and if you decide to subscribe, I would be honored if you would use my referral code at checkout: Jennifer-JKXWUTAV.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the items I received. Which one looks the most interesting to try, to you? And, if you have any specific questions about any of these, please drop the question for me below.

Have a great week!!!





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