5 MINI eyeshadow palettes

Although vacation is not the first thing on hardly anyone’s mind at the moment, I wanted to show you four mini eyeshadow palettes that are fun for a change of pace in your color story, may offer new finishes for you, and are easy to tote because of their size. All five of these mini palettes are quads (offer 4 shades): two are #elfcosmetics and three are #wetnwildbeauty:

It just happened that the elf quads are both fairly neutral and the three wet ‘n wild quads are more dramatic. The wet ‘n wild palettes also offer a larger range of eyeshadow finishes.

I found all of these at Walmart, and as you can guess they are all extremely easy on the wallet. The Wet ‘n Wild palettes were $4.93 each and the elf palettes were $3.00 each. I bought four of these on one shopping trip but then decided to go back and pick up the green quad as well because the range of colors is so lovely.

The two elf BITE SIZE eyeshadow palettes are actually the only two selections of this version that I could find: Rose Water and Cream & Sugar. But, looking online I see that they also offer: Berry Bad (peach cranberry shades), Pumpkin Pie (orange-y browns), Hot Jalepeno (yellow-greens), Acai You (purple-y blues), Truffles (with 3 mattes!, in blacks and browns) and Carnival Candy (also with 3 mattes!, a gemstone blue and three beige/browns). If the store I was at had carried the Carnival Candy version, I would have purchased that one too.


Of these two, I thought I would like the Cream & Sugar best but ended up liking the Rose Water version better because its eyeshadows seem to go on better and be less chalky. Each has 1 matte, 2 frosts and 1 dark shade with microglitter (although the darkest shade of Cream & Sugar has really ultra-fine microglitter that is hardly recognizable).

  • Cream & Sugar:

All of these shadows look lovely in the pan but the dark color doesn’t blend as well as I would like and the others hues disappear on me (as you can particularly tell from the swatches). I still think this one is okay for a neutral, ‘no makeup’ makeup look and okay for its price.

  • Rose Water:

Rose Water shades are also all fairy light and I didn’t use too much of the darkest shade. The two frosty shades in this set are very creamy and very pretty on the skin. I think they would look even better in sunlight.

Note that none of these come with an applicator, which helps them stay as small as possible.

These pictures give a better idea of how thin these palettes are:

The elf palettes are roughly 3.5″ x 1.25″ and the wetnwild palettes are just under 3″ square.

The three Wet ‘n Wild palettes are FM (Fantasy Makers) Pigment Palettes. I chose Blacked Out (blacks and silvers), Mosh Pit (variations on green) and Punkster (violet purples). These FM quads also come in Blue Me Away (teals), Desert Heat (rusty oranges), Kiss My Sun Rays (yellow and golds), and Paint the Town Red (orange-y reds and purple-y reds).

All of the FM quads come with a frosty shade, a matte, a larger glitter in clear gel and a smaller glitter also in a clear gel finish (although the formulas aren’t consistent among the three palettes I bought). I like the embossed starts on the two powder pans and the small silver stars printed on the edges of the lid:


  • Mosh Pit:

I absolutely love the golden/olive green glitter in this set. It has very fine glitter that doesn’t feel the least bit chunky and it looks great layered over either of the two powder greens. These quads don’t really offer a crease or highlight shade, so I mainly focused on the lid. As with the other two FM palettes the larger of the glitters is a bit hard to use because it doesn’t go on very smoothly, but I did use some on the center of the lid.

  • Blacked Out:

You can probably tell from the shot of me that the large black glitter is pretty chunky. I should have applied more of the silver glitter in this application because it is pretty creamy and allows for a concentrated amount to be applied. The silver frost is pretty sheer.


  • Punkster:

Both of the glitters in Punkster are pretty chunky and hard to apply evenly. But the range of violets and the one truly purple glitter are hard to resist. As you can tell I enjoyed lining the lower lash line with both of the powder shades. This one is probably my overall favorite of this haul.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these mini palettes. If you want to play with color, picking up one of these cheaper tiny quads is a fun way to do that.

Much love to all,



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