FLOWER BOMB is my first Midas Cosmetics palette ever!

I had to get this set of eyeshadows because the color story is SO vibrant and evokes an English tea garden in full bloom (how fitting for GiveMeGorgeous)!

Flower Bomb’s palette is fairly large at 8.5″ by 4″ with a full size lid mirror and magnetic closure. It holds 6 pressed glitters (Midas, if you are reading this post, btw, I noticed that your website description for the palette says ‘5 Pressed Glitters’ instead of the actual 6), 3 frosts and 12 mattes. Feast your eyes on these absolutely gorgeous botanic colors:

DSCN7969 2

Pressed Glitters: Kala (iridescent clear glitter with a green shift), Sunshine (bright yellow glitter with a gold shift), Blooming (baby pink glitter), Hyacinth (lilac glitter), Paradise (a fine yellow/green glitter) and Bliss (vibrant blue/green glitter).

Midas Cosmetics Flower Bomb

Frosts: Clover (pale cool green dew), Rosemallow (crystal pink) and Blossom (peach sparkle).

Midas Cosmetics Flower Bomb

Matte Shades: Lily (true white), Peony (mellow orange), Orchid (lavender), Pollen (subdued mustard yellow), Plumeria (medium cool green), Magnolia (pale warm pink), Hibiscus (vivid fuchsia), Daisy (medium cool pink), Hummingbird (ocean blue), Hydrangea (slightly teal Capri blue), Daffodil (bright satsuma), and Dahlia (burgundy red).

Midas Cosmetics Flower Bomb

Even with the three finishes, the textures (especially of the glitters) vary widely. You can see from these swatches how each of these are likely to apply. Kala and Sunshine are the sheerest of the glitters with the most creamy base, and make lovely toppers. Rosemallow and Blossom, Clover and Bliss have excellent coverage. Hydrangea, Hibiscus and Dahlia all apply very vibrantly.

Midas Cosmetics Flower Bomb

Although this palette offers TONs of color combo options (and I still look forward to creating more), here is one look step-by-step with the brushes I used noted (forgive the COVID-19 impact on my hair—wow do I need a salon appointment!):

  • wide crease: MAGNOLIA with Morphe 433
  • crease: PEONY with Morphe Jeffree Star JS9
  • inner crease: HIBISCUS also with JS9
  • highlight/brow bone: LILY with Juvia’s Place JP002 sm
  • lid halo: PLUMERIA with JP002
  • deepening outer edges of halo: HUMMINGBIRD with JP002
  • bit more on inner crease: DAHLIA with Morphe M507
  • lid center: CLOVER with fingertip (to get the most color payoff)


  • some KALA sparkles layered on the outer half of lids with finertip
  • lower lash line: DAHLIA with MAC 233 (and some Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in pearl on the tear duct)

And then we have the finished look, face makeup complete plus Morphe Melrose Ave lashes:

Some tips for getting the most from these eyeshadow finishes:

  1. Use a glitter primer for the pressed glitters, in addition to your usual lid primer. (I’m a primer fanatic!)
  2. Spray your eyeshadow brush (use a small flat brush for the glitters) before dipping into the eyeshadow to get the best placement.
  3. Spray your whole face with a setting spray after completing your makeup to ensure it stays put. (Using both a primer and setting spray will work wonders in how your makeup wears during the day or evening.)
  4. For a brilliant and bold two-toned lewk, use one set of similar toned hues for the crease (building color depth to the inner crease) and another set for the lid. Here I used pinks and greens.

In the end I had a little fun with some floral jewels that I added with lash glue (which might be a playful addition for a date night out or concert with the girls).

Hope you enjoyed this look at the FLOWER BOMB eyeshadows. If you have this palette, I would love to see some of your looks!

Stay strong! Gorgeous



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