My April BOXYCHARM items

I just opened my April BoxyCharm box and it has some gorgeous items! Since I haven’t shared an opening of several of my recent BoxyCharm boxes, let’s do this before April is over.


btw, April’s theme is Festival Vibes.

Here are the products in my box this month, in no particular order:

This is not a primer I currently have in my collection so I was so excited to receive it! It’s called ‘POREfessional’ because it is a smoothing and slightly tinted but translucent primer that minimizes the look of pores. A silky texture also helps it make your facial skin look smooth and without fault.

The formula includes a vitamin E ‘derivative’ that is supposed to protect skin from free radicals. Plus it is oil-free (bonus with my oil-prone skin) and lightweight. It is slippery to the touch which seems to lend it easily gliding over skin to cover the face in a few pea sized doses.

I do use a beauty sponge most of the time to apply foundation and blend out concealer, so this full-size and mini duo is perfect. And, I love the color that I often refer to as ‘anti-freeze green‘ or ‘electric green’ (they’ve named it Midori green which is a good choice).

These are so nice because of their shape, and the fact that they each have rounded edges as well as one flat edge (which creates right angle corners that can be useful when blending). The mini sponge works great around the eye area, especially the tear duct and inside of the nose. The larger sponge blends cream or liquid foundation beautifully.


But, really, you can use these with any cream or liquid product (concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight, etc.). Another totally useful product for me!

I always wet these with warm water before using (so they hold onto less product and blend-out as sheer as you like). And they are pretty much odorless, they have absolutely no synthetic or plastic smell. So, if you are particularly sensitive to smells these would be a good beauty sponge for you.

Their only drawback is that they are not antimicrobial or antibacterial, which I usually look for in a beauty sponge.


I also got a small set of  brushes (one is dual-ended and includes a lash wand).  They are each around five inches in length, somewhere between travel-sized and full size. And, they come in a translucent plastic sleeve that snaps shut. Because these are thin and relatively small I think they will make a good vacation set.

Here are their specific uses:

Untitled_Artwork 3

The black color tipped brush fibers of each are synthetic but ultra soft! Plus, they pretty much cover the full range of needs I’d have for one set.


If you haven’t tried these makeup remover cloths, I think they would surprise you. They take off all makeup, even waterproof makeup, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. And the amazing part is that they work with just warm water! Their patented blend of tiny polyester fibers grips makeup, oil and dirt to gently pull it away from skin. This tool is also antibacterial, machine washable, reusable up to 5 years and perfect for sensitive skin.

Oh! And, it exfoliates. One side (the side with the tag) has slightly longer fibers (I can’t tell just looking at it) that gently exfoliate. So you can wash your face with water, with the side without the tag and they use the other side to exfoliate. What more could you ask.

You can buy MakeUp Erasers in a variety of solid colors (some that I like are aqua blue, peach and neon green). This one is full size at 15.5″ x 7.25″. This is the tool that will allow you to ditch makeup wipes for good.

  • Zoeva—Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette

I saved best for last!: A Zoeva palette.

I say ‘best’ because I love receiving new eyeshadow palettes—Besides the fact that this is the first product I’ve tried from Zoeva. They have a number of 10-pan palettes that are each priced at $28.00.


Caramel Melange’s shades range from matte white (a great all-over lid base) and beige (first crease shade) to a deep brown with golden micro-glitter (perfect for the lash line!). All of these highly pigments neutral shades work well together and blend seamlessly.  Most of the pans are a variation of warm toffee or cinnamon tones including two frosty bronzes, with the addition of one golden frost.




I couldn’t help but look up the other palettes Zoeva offers and now i have a list that I want to acquire: Cafe, Heritage, Aristo and Eclectic Eyes. I probably would have preferred cooler toned shades, but the wearability of these colors is universal.


I continue to really like almost completely all of the products BoxyCharm sends! If you think you might be interested in trying BOXYCHARM (they have 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions) or want more information, then I would be so honored if you would use my referral link: subscribe to Boxycharm.

In my opinion, especially if want to discover new brands and products, BoxyCharm is a great option. They send 5 FULL SIZE products every month that have a combined average value of about $120, which is by far superior to other sample boxes that mostly send mini products (which I’ve also tried in the past).

April Festival Vibes is another great box:




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