MORPHE 24A Artist Pass palette

I couldn’t resist picking up the colorful MORPHE 24A ARTIST PASS palette (24 shades)! with its grouping of essential neutral matte shades, vibrant neons, 2 frosts, 4 huge pans of dazzling eyeshadow toppers, and 6 glitter shades. *Stick with me until the end to see two looks I created.

This large set of festival-ready shades comes at the MORPHE bargain price of $29.00. So, I figured this combination of colors was too fun to pass up. Plus, the four extra large pans in the center of the palette are ‘special effects‘ shades with finishes that are meant to layer over other eyeshadows to obtain a whole other level of posh. Here’s the full set (with the color names written big enough to easily read):


Two of the large center shades are Morphe’s own ‘Silk Slip’ formula (smooths on like a gel and sets as a powder)—Private Oasis and Secret Set:


There is one large silver star glitter that also contains small iridescent aqua green glitter, in a gel formula: Spotlight Stealer. p.s. The large stars can be individually separated to place strategically either on eyelids, under the brow, over tear duct area at the center of the nose, or as ‘beauty marks’ on the face. Granted, however, I think the stars would best be set in place with some glitter glue to give them a little extra hold (the smaller sparkles in this particular pan seem to actually adhere well in their gel base).


The other two super size pans include a golden shimmer topper, which can also be worn alone for a sheer golden wash: Front Row. And, a sparkling transparent gel wash of  so many intsy ice blue micro glitters: Private Oasis (one of my favorites!).

The two frosty shades in the upper left are:

  • All Access—sheer, pearly golden wash (which is perfect to highlight the tear duct area and brown bone)
  • #FOTD (face of the day)—gilt gold micro frost (could easily be worn alone as a sheer wash of color or over a neutral)

And, if you really want to amp up your look, Artist Pass contains 6! all-out glitters (the whole bottom row of pans and one orange Wild Out in the center/top):


All of these glitters seem to have an iridescent quality, though they vary a bit in glitter size, but any will instantly transform a matte base. Insta Baddie and Mic Drop allow you to really pack on the glitter in just a couple swipes.


As with all the glittery shades, I think that it’s best to use these with a primer, possibly a glitter glue as well as a setting spray to make sure they don’t get into your eyes at all! Although fun, they can be a bit messy if you don’t take control of the situation.

The matte neutral shades (the ones in the top two rows) are a welcome addition, making it possible to balance out the wilder shades, ground any look, and make the bold shades really stand out in contrast. They also make it possible to use this palette for a day look and then add some sparkle for evening. I love Desert Vibes for the lid crease and Seek Shade for the inner crease to deepen the effect. Stage Persona is lovely all over the lid.

The fourth row has the matte neons and a matte dark purple. All of these work perfectly in tandem with the glitter row.  btw, I have seen complaints that Major Inspo can leave a dark residue on the lid, so it’s probably advisable to use a foundation or base primer with it, although it is beautiful as a lower lash line color that particularly accents hazel or green eyes.


Here are a couple of the looks that I created with Artist Pass:

LOOK #1.) Shades (and other products used are in 2nd pic) applied: Desert Vibes, Seek Shade, Max Volume, Major Inspo and Front Row.

LOOK #2.) Shades used: Security, Desert Vibes, Seek Shade, Private Oasis, Ride-Or-Sky, Major Inspo, and Insta Baddie:


How about that pop of teal blue? Are you ready for a little color now! 😉

I hope you had a nice weekend at home. Maybe played some card games, watched some movies or read a good book? Stay safe, loves!

xo! Jen

p.s. Let me know if you have this palette—or—which of these shades would most likely be your inspo for a look?


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4 replies
    • GiveMeGorgeous
      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      I know, right!? Such a cool palette. My only wish is that it had at least one cream or white matte shade for the lid. Otherwise though, it is fabulous. Have a great day! Stay safe. xo,Jen

      • GiveMeGorgeous
        GiveMeGorgeous says:

        Why not, with that price, right? Let me know if you do get it and how you like it. It has a lot of options if you like to get creative. Have a great day!

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