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If you don’t already use an eyelid primer, it is one of the absolute best ways to make sure your eyeshadow stays vibrant and holds on throughout the day. At the moment, I’ve got a few favorites and one that I stopped using (I tell you why). Plus, if you really want on fleek dramatic eyes (think cut crease and halo eyeshadow) a concealer or tinted base may be what you want—I’ve got some faves in that category too.

These are the 4 eyelid primers I use the most often:

Untitled_Artwork 25

This is the eyelid primer I’ve been using the longest, it’s the first one I chose when went in search of a better way to make my eyeshadow last through the day. It costs around $24.

And, this is also the one I probably won’t purchase again, and not because it doesn’t work! I’ll explain. It’s all about the packaging.

Primer Potion promises 24-hour wear and comes out as a lightly tinted, watery cream that applies as sheer. It does come in several different finish options: Original (this one), Caffeine, Eden, Freebase and Sin. I’ve tried some of these others but the Original I’ve found is the best.

Here it is. So, you used to be able to buy Eyeshadow Primer Potion in a similar looking tube that did not include an applicator. Instead, the cap screwed down over a pointed opening that let you squeeze the primer out in small amounts. Perfect! since it allowed you to easily use every drop of the product. And, because I usually apply eyelid primer with my fingertip (to ensure I’m as gentle as possible) that tube design worked great. The current design doesn’t seem to contain as much primer and it is harder to get out, especially in the specific amount you desire. There you have it!

I’ll finish up the tube I currently have but, sadly, I think I won’t be repurchasing Primer Potion. Has anyone else had this issue with this primer?

This is the newest one I’ve begun using and it works quite well! Uncaged comes out of the tube (a squeeze tube) in as a fairly thick pale pink cream. It runs about $22.00.

This primer sheers out really easily and dries to keep eyeshadow in place all day. It is very lightweight and doesn’t crease. Plus, I love that it contains clay to absorb excess oil (which can cause creasing). My skin is naturally on the oilier side, so this one works great for me.

I usually apply Uncaged by tapping it onto my eyelid, but (as with any of these) you can squeeze a small amount on the back of your hand and apply it with a small flat brush. This one is crease-proof, fade-proof, okay on all skin types, cruelty-free and made in the USA—All good.

Morphe’s eyelid primer comes in translucent (which is what I prefer) and black. It’s the most economical of my faves at only $10.00 although it also contains the least amount of product at 9ml/.3floz. And, it promises 12-hour wear to hold eyeshadow set through the day.

DSCN7744 3

Morphe’s primer comes out of the tube (just the style of packaging I look for) in a nude color, with a consistency that is somewhere between that of Primer Potion and Uncaged. It also blends out sheer and works well on lids that tend to get oily as the day wears on.

This one is a great option for those looking for a budget friendly option. Any #morphebabes out there!?

This lid primer is probably my new favorite! It comes in a slightly nude shade that goes on sheer. The texture is a little more like a thick cream, that blends out so effortlessly. Plus, it has 24-hour staying power.

The tube exterior is a little more like a foil so you can squeeze the primer out very easily. The mouth of the tube is fairly wide, compared to the others, so there is never a problem getting the primer out.


I have had no issues with creasing or bleeding with this primer, it is consistently reliable with all eyeshadows, including shimmery shades. And, it is well priced at $22., with the most amount of product of these four choices.

Tip: If you’ve tried eyelid primers and found them to be too cake-y or actually cause your eyeshadows to crease you may have been using too much product. With any of these, you really only need the thinest layer. And, you will want to let them dry for up to a minute before applying the eyeshadow to make sure they set a bit first.

However, when I need a little more of a base, like to block out a cut crease or color correct up to the brow, these are my go-to choices:

P. Louise Base is my favorite of this set and comes in 7 shade choices (I have Shade 2 Rumor which is a tad olive). Shade 0 is white and Shade 0.5 is the lightest with some tint.

Although, I also really love Huda Beauty’s The Overacheiver Concealer just as much (sorry no pic of this one, I have it in NOUGAT 06G).  Huda’s option is a true concealer, which it definitely does well and it comes in 20 shade choices (from Whipped Cream 00G to Chocolate Chip 38R—adore the naming convention).

The benefit of using a nude base is that it really makes your eyeshadow color pop and it gives your eye look a more finished or intentional finish. It also allows better for crisp lines between shades.

I have a few other brands that I switch between as well. But, these two are really my favorites.

Do you have a favorite eyelid primer that that I didn’t mention? If so, please drop me a note. I’m always looking for new products to try.

You’ve made it to mid-week! Cheers.




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