Is Your Skin Really Clean After Washing Your Face

You’ve probably heard of the 60 Second Rule for face washing by now. It entails gently massaging your facial cleanser into your skin with fingertips for a full 60 seconds before rinsing. (As opposed to washing your face or using a makeup wipe to get your makeup off at the end of the day as quickly as possible!—>Who can relate?)

“Why is important?” and “Is this important?,” you might ask. Here’s the answer: The 60 Second Rule allows all the fabulous ingredients in your favorite cleansers and washes a chance to really work out and dissolve all the day’s dirt, grime, oil and makeup from the surface of your face. And! don’t forget your neck, hairline and jawline edge in this process.

I know that it seems too simple to be true, but it really does work. I’ve put this technique into practice and I can tell you that is truly works amazingly well.

Even though the technique is specific about using your fingertips to gently massage face wash in, probably about 20% of the time I use one of the many face wash tools I already own to help distribute cleanser over your face and work it in a bit (keeping with a very gentle pressure). My fave is the simple, tiny silicone ‘face scrubber’ that can be found at Amazon, Sephora, or at places like Marshalls in a variety of colors and quantities:

If you haven’t adopted or experimented with the 60 second rule or are doubtful it will make a difference—Give it a try. Once you time your face wash for a full 60 seconds you will realize the alarmingly short period of time you generally devote to this essential ritual.


Plus, bonus, the specific face washing product is NOT important for this rule since it just allows whatever cleanser you currently use to just work better. You can keep using the cleansers you already have. Good news, right!? Here are some of my most loved cleansers (some are almost empties):

So, keep singing the same song you use to time the duration you rub in hand sanitizer, or wash your hands to prevent Covid-19, to time your face wash as well. Easy, peasy! And, your skin will thank you by glowing. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a note with your experience using the 60 Second Rule, fave face washes or what you’ve been doing to pass the time during self quarantine. I’m finding all the online sales a little too tempting.

Love to all. Keep on being Gorgeous!







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