BLOOD LUST eyeshadow palette LOD

The brilliant shades, in a variety of finishes, in the Jeffree Starr Blood Lust #eyeshadowpalette offer endless vivid eyeshadow looks. Gorgeous!, I hope you enjoy this step-by-step of one application.

But first, here is the palette and the shades I’ll be working with:

And swatches (more on the specifics of each of these, at the end):

One look:                                                                                                                                                                                *note—I usually start with my eyes, when doing my makeup, so I am starting with a bare face (with just some skincare) and adding foundation/concealer/face powder, liquid eyeliner, mascara, etc. at the end.

The final look:

With lashes and a nude, matte lip:

Obviously, the BLOOD LUST palette is pretty hefty and fabulous. It has a soft purple velvet case (back and front), gold jewel clasp at the opening and has some real weight to it. The palette is large and quite thick, not something you are going to be able to easily toss in your purse or make room for in luggage. However it is a very luxurious palette that will certainly take front and center at your dressing table.

Here are the deets on the shadows (and the picture of the palette again for reference):

Blood Lust palette

  • YOUR MAJESTY—an almost slightly grey, matte white. I like this shade for a base in the inner corner of the eyes, whole lid base and under brow highlight.
  • TAKE THE CROWN—lovely lilac frost. This shade looks fabulous as a center lid pop because of its pale sheen.
  • DEVIANT—very pale, matte lavender. Deviant is so light I think it makes a great first, wide crease shade.


  • BEAUTY SLEEP—delicately hued lavender/pink frost. Use Beauty Sleep to add shine to the tear duct or center of lid.
  • WET JEWEL—a wash of bubblegum pink with golden pink microglitter. Sheering out this color leaves a faint pink wash with tons of tiny sparkles that could be layered over other shades for extra dimension and definitely on the tear duct. Wet Jewel will amp up any shade and add shock to the tear duct.
  • ROYAL PAIN—surprisingly orange-y, matte nude. One of the only truly warm shadows in this set, Royal Pain could provide a transition or first layer shade.
  • DUNGEON—looks dark, matte grey in the pan but is actually a deep, matte purple. I like Dungeon for a smokey lash line.
  • SCANDAL WATER—matte periwinkle. Scandal Water would give any of the sheerer purples or pinks a decidedly cooler hue, although it isn’t too pigmented but rather lends best to a sheer wash.
  • SWORN ENEMY—golden olive frost. I really with this shade had been a lot more vivid rather than a muted green, and as such I think you need to devote a large area of the lid to get this color to come alive.
  • PINK MAGIC—Vivid blue toned pink frost with golden micro-glitter. Pink Magic is a really beautiful, bright bluish pink with pigment enough to hold its own.
  • BLEEDING HEART—bright orangish red with a hint of frost. I haven’t quite yet figured out how to work this outlier shade into a look. If you love a bold eye, Bleeding Heart will certainly do the trick!
  • EXECUTIONER—matte blackest of black with golden micro-glitters. Love the Executioner shade as a lash line/eyeliner color. And, it would make an intriguing full lid shade for an evening on the town although I think you would need to really pack it on to get complete coverage.
  • HIGH KING—matte heavily pink purple. Great for building up crease depth.
  • VIVID MOOD—matte blue/lavender. Creates a mood as a full lid color and also works great as a crease shade. This shade is, as it says, vivid! It makes more of an impact on the skin that it appears in the pan.
  • MONARCHY—matte kahki. Monarchy actually looks like a beige in the pan but is deceptively pigmented (washing-out next to all the other bright colors) and more of a brown.


  • BLOOD QUEEN—deep, blue violet. Blood Queen is possibly my favorite shade in the palette because of how vivid and buildable it is.
  • VILE SERPENT—bold matte teal. I like using Vile Serpent, with a purple lid, as a lower lash line liner, to add a surprising pop of color.
  • BETRAYAL—medium dark, frosty violet. Surprisingly similar in tone to Blood Queen even though Betrayal looks much lighter. I think using it with Blood Queen will add dimension because of the differences in finish.

Hope you enjoyed this more in-depth look at Blood Lust! Wishing you a safe week as we all anxiously await the end of this virus scare.

Love, Jen




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