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I’d really been meaning to order an additional set of higher-end eye makeup brushes for some time (something other than the random assortment of drugstore brushes). Since Sigma Beauty has such a fabulous selection of very nice brushes, that are consistently  recommended, I jumped at the chance when I saw they were having a sale recently.

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

At first I thought I would buy one of the sets that Sigma offered, especially if it was more economical, but found that I primarily wanted brushes that were specifically designed for blending eyeshadows. So, I created my own set! Some were on sale and some weren’t.

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

And, after placing my order, I have noticed that Sigma came out with their own ‘blending set’ (yay!). So, now that will be a convenient set to order with this purpose in mind, although btw it does not include all the same ones I selected. Sigma’s ‘Ultimate Blending Set’ does come with: E25, E27, E33, E38, E42, and E44.

However, these are the 6 specific brushes that I personally selected as well as what I paid for each. My order came with one free, pink mini brush too! Here they are, in no particular order:

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

E35 has Sigma’s copyrighted ‘Sigma Tech’ fiber white domed bristles that are perfect for crease blending. Bristles on this brush are fairly dense and firm for effectively moving eyeshadow color. This brush works very well for the ‘windshield wiper’ motion to blend out and deepen crease color.

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

E37 is a pretty large brush, it definitely has the thickest handle of any of the brushes from this order. The bristles on this one are only slightly domed and quite flexible which makes this brush my go-to for blending out color edges or blending two overlapping shades together. It is perfect for smoothing the transition between shades.

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

This one looks similar in shape to the E35, and also has white bristles. However, the E40 fans out at the tip a bit and its bristles are much more loosely packed although also slightly rigid. E35 is excellent for sheer to medium coverage blending-out. It is really a blending ace!

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

E41 has two kinds of fibers (hence the two toned brush with white bristles at the tip). The longer white bristles thin at their peak making this brush ideal for diffusing the edges of color and ensuring no harsh lines. The last 1/3 of the brush tip has the longer and thinner white bristles.

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

E47 has a relatively smaller head with long, fairly firm bristles. The bristles are flat and not domed. Its size is perfect for adding a secondary, deeper crease shade. The shape and size of this brush make for precise eyeshadow delivery.

  • 4DHD, Precision (the precision version of their 4DHD Kabuki brush), 178mm x 8.5mm, $20.USD

Of this set, this is the brush that I was most excited to receive (and it is a new one for Sigma)! And this is the only of the brushes I chose that is more of a face brush.

Sigma Brushes givemegorgeous

Although it is hard to tell from the photos, the tip of this brush is actually square with bristles that taper in at a angle from each side to meetings in the center at a pointed tip. When I chose it I thought it might be good to use for the lid crease because of the pointed tip, but have actually been using it to blend out concealer (which it does quite well!). Sigma lists its uses ranging from concealer application, eyeshadow or primer blending. I like that it is also handy for placement of brow bone highlight and adding lip color.

Because the bristles are tightly packed and shaped on 4DHD, blending concealer is a snap and precisely touching-up concealer is easy with this brush too.

  • E65, Small Angle Brush with pink handle (this was a promo freebie)

E65 is travel-sized at only 4.25 inches long. Sigma has a similar one for sale at $8.USD that has an aqua colored handle. It like the aqua colored handle even better.

This tiny brush has a flat angled tip that will adeptly allow for a tight application of cream or powder eyeliner. I’ll toss this one in my purse makeup bag for eye color touch-ups.

Untitled_Artwork 18

I also wanted to add Sigma brushes to my collection because they have some other great benefits: 2-year warranty; corrosion-resistant via trademarked Sigma Alloy ferrules; lightweight wood handles; use synthetic, antimicrobial fibers; durable handle finishes; plus! they are both cruelty-free and responsibly-sourced. The antimicrobial feature was really big on my list (especially in respect to ‘between washes’).

I already have my eye on several more Sigma brushes: E32, E43 and E38. Plus, I really want to get the Sigma Blush Cheek palette! I’ve got all these items on my list for future purchase.

What Sigma brushes are your favorites or definite recommendations? Which ones do you think I need to add to my collection next?

Wishing all you beauties a good week to come. Stay safe and healthy. Love to you all!

xoxo! Jen



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