MILK Hydro Grip Primer & Vegan Milk Moisturizer

Milk Hydro Grip Primer is one of the first Milk Makeup products I have purchased. I found it when looking online for products that would keep my skin moisturized and nurtured during the day, whether I was combating indoor recirculated air or sunny outdoor weather.

This first product from MILK that grabbed my attention because it not only was rated excellently as a makeup primer but also used clean ingredients to care for skin.



I’ve seen several articles recently exploring why some people think that makeup primer is an unnecessary step. However, really unless you wear maybe just a tinted moisturizer and minimal face color, those that don’t currently use a face primer would probably be surprised how much it improves the wear of your makeup during the day.

I recently had a girlfriend ask me for advice about how to ensure she looked her best during a couple days of out-of-town business meetings. After finding out what her daily makeup routine included, I told her that adding a face primer (along with setting spray and a couple other product recommendations) was the ONE thing that would make the most difference. For those of you that already know this truth, you know that stress, sweat, heat, humidity, cold and inclement weather can work together to wreak havoc on your makeup application during daily hours.

MILK Hydro Primer has a number of clean power ingredients (you’ll notice that a several of these are arid environment plants that are natural experts at retaining moisture):

  • prickly pear extract—hydrates
  • hemp-derived cannabis seed extract—hydrates all day and contains antioxidants
  • blue agave extract—acts as a sheer layer that seals in moisture and provides grip for makeup
  • aloe water—soothes skin cells and calms redness


Hydro Grip Primer is clear but slightly green in color. Housed in a clear plastic pump container, it comes out in a fairly thick sheer gel consistency. I use a pump or two from the back of my hand (where it won’t be absorbed before I have a chance to apply it) to cover my entire face (except eyelids and close to eyes). You could also just pump it directly to the face if that works better for you.

It is slick feeling and easy to distribute across skin. Although I find that it gives my skin a slight glassy look right after application, it absorbs to matte. And, it has virtually no scent. Even the slight herb odor at first, dissipates quickly.


You probably already know that even oil-prone skin benefits from added moisture and will actually produce less oil when at sufficient moisture levels. My skin is oil-prone in the T-zone and Hydro Grip works great for me.

This one is the full size option (1.52 oz/45 ml) and runs right at $30. There is also a travel size Hyrdro Grip Primer if you are interested in just trying it out ($15).

So after I had been using this primer for a little while, and was quite impressed by it, I decided to try a Milk moisturizer and ordered a travel size Vegan Milk Moisturizer . This smaller size is only 0.53oz/15ml and costs $19. (Full size is 1.7oz/48ml at $38.00.)


I haven’t had this moisturizer for very long, but even after using it on my face before bed for just one night I saw great results the next day. You know what I mean—when your skin looks plumped with virtually no ruddiness or irritated patches.

This thick cream treatment is made with many ‘arid environment’ plant ingredients. Its clean, vegan, fragrance-free and melts into skin. You’ll only need a dime-sized amount for the whole face.

Here are the power players in this moisturizer, that include a trademarked ‘Desert Milk’:

  • Kalahari melon—lightweight hydration
  • baobab—improves skin’s elasticity with omega fatty acids
  • jojoba—has vitamin e & b for their anti-inflammatory properties
  • aloe vera—has antioxidants vitamin a & c to calm and repair skin
  • ‘fig milk’ & shea butter—soften and soothe skin
  • oat milk—comforts skin
  • Argan milk, grapeseed oil and olive-derived squaline—create a barrier to lock in moisture and impart antioxidants

*thats a pretty good line up in my opinion!


I love all the fabulous plant ingredients and am getting great results with this moisturizer.

So, I am pretty sold on MILK Makeup products at this point and look forward to trying more. I know they have a cleanser that is also in their Vegan Milk family of products which may be my next purchase.


I’d love to hear if you have any favorite MILK products, or even drop me a note if you have tried any that you haven’t loved.

You go, Gorgeous! Wishing all a great week!



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