Lilac You A Lot mauve mood eyeshadows

Since receiving this Lilac You A Lot palette in the mail, I’ve had such fun trying out some of the myriad combinations of purple lid shades.

I love! that this palette has two really deep shades for the outer lid V or lash lines: FILTERED and IFFY. And, there are four frosty shades: CLOUD, WAKE ME (before you go, go?), FLUFF and TRAINWRECK. The other three matte shades are pale and perfect for transition or crease: IMAGINE THAT, GHOSTIN’, and ZONED OUT.

Let me show you the shades:

Lilac You A Lot

Lilac You A Lot was part of a recent Colourpop haul for me, and I don’t think I’ve yet exhausted the endless eyeshadow combos. I do like to add a black or espresso brown from another palette to this combination, just to get a full range of depth.

Plus, btw, these eyeshadows would work wonderfully for a lovely Valentines Day date look. Colourpop lists these as matte and metallics, but I think the frosty shades are really pretty diverse.

CLOUD: very pale lavender with tiny golden frost particles (I like Cloud for the tear duct or daytime all over the lid wash)

IMAGINE THAT: faint, matte, neutral lavender (Imagine That is a sweet transition shade at the crease)

GHOSTIN’: cool matte lilac pink (Ghostin’ is a surprisingly bright pale shade, almost like bubblegum pink with a hint of purple)

Lilac You A Lot

WAKE ME: peony pink with a blue shift (Wake Me works quite well to give lids dimension as a center of the lid pop and it blends with the other shades very easily because it is so sheer)

FLUFF: violet frost (I wouldn’t overdo the use of Fluff because it is a medium deep purple frost, but I do like it as a wash over other colors) *this shadow has the most fallout of the set which may be one of the reasons its called fluff 🙂

TRAINWRECK: iced lilac frost (Trainwreck is surprisingly sheer with just a hint of color, another shade that will provide a lavender wash with a slight pink shift, for when you don’t want too much sparkle)

ZONED OUT: matte dusty mauve (Zoned Out a very good first crease shade as it is very pale and almost a grey/lilac)

IFFY: warm matte violet (IFFY and FILTERED are probably my two favorite shades because they are both so vibrant! Use Iffy for an impactful inner crease or lid)

FILTERED: matte mauve-y plum (Blend out Filtered for a dramatic crease or use in gradient for a deep lid)

I didn’t pull the color too far up from my lid crease for this look, but you can see that these purple shades will not go unnoticed:

And, I think using a more mauve or purple lip color than the one I have in these photos will also look fantastic for monochromatic drama. As usual, I used the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer before applying eyeshadows (if you don’t already use a primer you will be amazed how much it improves length of wear), which I like because it comes in a squeeze tube so that it can easily be applied with a fingertip. And, I set my whole face with Morphe’s Continuous Mist. I have a number of setting sprays but I like this one because the spray droplets are so fine and don’t make my face feel wet after use.

Would you rock these shades? Or do you prefer a smokey eye for a romantic look? Lilac You A Lot is fun, especially for those who like to try a variety of looks, and its super affordable at just $12.00!

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day, Gorgeous!



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