BIRCHBOX October 2019—Glow Time

The theme for October’s #Birchbox is—Glow Time! This month skin treatment products and finding the best ways to amp up your skincare routine are the focus. Samples are intended to help prepare your skin to handle the harsh weather of the winter months.

I received fabulous products, pretty much all of which I have never tried before. And, I was sent only one makeup product (a Lancome lipgloss).

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Hope you enjoy the Halloween vibe of the skeleton hands in pix this month. Trick or Treat!

Youth Dose is a retinol eye treatment that is meant to reduce dark circles under eyes, and minimize eye area fine lines over time. It is slightly tinted (comes out of the tube a yellowish color but applies sheer), which is meant to brighten the whole eye area.

Kiehl’s eye treatment has 3 key ingredients: Pro-Retinol (a Retinol derivative), Vitamin C (antioxidant benefits) and Grape Seed Extract (polyphenol antioxidants). Together, these ingredients moisturize, reduce wrinkles, as well as improve skin’s elasticity.


The tube I received is very tiny (.10floz/3ml) and seems to have a lot of dead air space within. As such, it may be difficult to see how this works over time. I have read comments about it not mixing well with sunscreen, so I will probably use it just as a night treatment. The best way to apply it is to tap it into skin with a fingertip or gently press it in, allowing the warmth from your skin to increase its absorption rate. And, because it is a treatment, I would still recommend following it with a moisturizer.

I would love to hear if you use this, if you have had good results. 😉

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I’ve tried Juicy Tubes a number of times (esp. in Lancome bonus gifts), so this one isn’t new to me although this is a first sampling of this gloss for Birchbox. Tickled Pink is a pretty universal, sheer, warm pink.


The thing I like about this gloss is that it is reliably really shiny. The consistency is pretty thick, which seems to make it wear longer, too. I also like that the tube has a slanted applicator tip. I’d also like to try it in their darkest ‘pinky’ shade—Magic Spell.

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NuFACE is known for their microcurrent treatment devices that tone skin so I didn’t even know they had these cloths. I’m pleased to be able to try them.

Although Prep-N-Glow are intended to be used before a micro current treatment, they have their own benefits. The soft cotton lace cloths are smooth on one side and  textured with ‘micro-dots’ on the other side. One cloth cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates without requiring rinsing afterwards.


Key ingredients are: hyaluronic acid (hydration), antioxidants and minerals. Use the smooth side first, then the textured side to exfoliate. Perfect!

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I’ve tried a number of other RandCo hair products before and liked them all. High Dive is great because it smooths and seals the hair cuticle. Adding a quarter sized amount of this cream to freshly towel-dried hair also adds shine, fights frizz and softens strands. Afterward, treated hair can be blow dried or air dried as desired.


High Dive is particularly great for me because it prevents my long tresses from becoming brittle and dried out (particularly the ends), especially during harsh weather.

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Specific Beauty is a brand that Target carries! Radiance Night Repair is meant to be used in the evening over a clean face. The viscous white formula spreads easily and is quickly absorbed.


Key ingredients are: Retinol blend (anti-aging properties), Niacinamide and Licorice Extract (brighten and even skin tone), and shea butter (moisture). Applying this powerhouse mix to face (over serums) before bed is a great way to nurture skin. Love it.

and lastly . . .

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BrightenUp! promises to dramatically improve skin texture. It exfoliates with papaya and microcrystals. Its also enriched with aloe, to soothe and heal skin.


You’ll only need a pea-sized amount of this to gently massage onto your face 3-5 times a week. It can help with skin concerns: acne, dark spots, acne scars, wrinkles, dull skin and large pores.


I haven’t use this long enough yet to realize its full potential yet, but am very pleased with it too far. Fabulous sample!


My two favorite products this month are the Specific Beauty Radiance Repair and the Vasanti Brighten Up! I’ve been using them every night since they came in the mail and I think they have improved my skin texture and tone.IMG_7262When amping up your skincare routine for winter, here are a couple tips (that I try not to forget) to get the most out of your products:

  1. Remember that the skincare you use on your face can and should also be used on your neck (an oft neglected area). Always carry your serum/moisturizer/sunscreen down to your neck, which is usually as exposed to the elements as your facial skin, to prevent early signs of aging.
  2. When using multiple skincare products, the optimum way to layer them is to start with the thinest consistency and work your way up to thickest. I usually layer in this order: toner, moisture mist, serum/antioxidant oils, sunscreen, primer.

*BONUS—since I didn’t get a chance to post my September Birchbox, here is a peek at what I received last month too:

I would love to hear from you, Gorgeous!:

  • Do you use/love any of these products already?
  • Do you have some great tips for keeping skin moisturized and toned during the colder months?
  • Did you receive a different sample in your Birchbox subscription (Sept/Oct) that has become a staple for you?

Have a Gorgeous Halloween! Take care.

xo, Jen


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