BIRCHBOX June 2019—Be Good To You

Birchbox June 2019Be Good To You!

Products from my June Birchbox are all treatments that will help you look and feel your best. And, this month even the box is extra special in that it is more like drawer that slides out of the cover, with a cute pink tassel pull on the front, than the usual box with lid.

Here are the samples that I received for June:

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This is a fabulous mascara if lash length is your main goal. The curved wand allows you to easily grip every single lash as you coat from base to tip. I’ve come to really love Marcelle‘s mascaras because they reliably give lashes noticeable definition.

This formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It also applies without clumps, is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Xtension Plus comes in a waterproof formula too! Besides, who couldn’t use another mini mascara for the road.

TIP: Always give bottom lashes at least a quick sideways swipe to lightly coat them. It may not be intuitive, but coating the bottom lashes creates a kind of buffer against any mascara residue from the upper lashes, decreasing under eye mascara bleed.


Delighted to receive a retinol serum! This Youth Renewal Serum is perfect for adding to freshly washed skin just before bed (and before moisturizer) to help stave off wrinkles, firm skin and bring out a brighter complexion.

Murad uses a Retinol Tri-Active Technology in this treatment, which means that the retinol is released in three stages (immediately, time-released and as a booster). It promises noticeable results in just two weeks. Although this serum is gentle, you can start with using a thin layer two nights a week and work up from there. I’m looking forward to the results!


Supershine is a hair treatment that can either be applied as a leave-in conditioner and/or a styling cream. Either way, it moisturizes thirsty strands, brings out the shine, creates soft tresses, and defends hair from oxidative stress or damage. This is perfect for my long hair that tends to dry out on the ends.  All you need is a nickel-sized drop per application.

Key ingredient is the Oribe Signature Complex (watermelon, lychee and edelweiss extracts). Oribe‘s treatment is packed with other essential nurturing and protecting additives.


This thick gel face cleanser cleans by dissolving makeup and grime. The orange gel is luxuriously thick, does not foam (rather emulsifies) and has a subtle peach scent. It is great at improving my complexion because it gently exfoliates, cleans, brightens with Glycolic & Salicylic Acids and clarifies with botanicals.

I’ve tried oil cleansers that have been too much for my skin, more than a couple times a week, because they were too oily for my already oily complexion. This cleansing gel works in a similar fashion but is a great alternative for me because it is anti-aging as well as effective at ridding my face of makeup residue.

note: It may not be right for those with really sensitive skin, however, because it does exfoliate a bit.


Philosophy‘s eye treatment is meant for the delicate skin around eyes. It is meant to fill, fix and firm the eye area by way of a patented bi-retinol, soy extract and sodium hyaluronate. This is a product I can really use!

And, from what I can see about this, it seems like it always rates very high with users. Plus, it is supposed to help solve chances of the dreaded ‘crepiness’ (think crepe paper) around eyes. All good!


Specific Beauty is a fairly new brand, I think, and definitely a new brand for Birchbox to carry. I haven’t tried these dark spot corrector pads yet, but am very interested to see how effective they are. btw—all of the products on their site have 60-day money-back guarantee, which bodes well for their effectiveness.

Beyond lightening dark spots, these pads are meant to brighten skin tone and protect against environmental damage. Key ingredients are: super antioxidants and botanical extracts (like green tea, bearberry and licorice root).


So. . . . Overall, I am very pleased with June’s samples because skincare is currently a top of mind priority—after being out in the sun all summer and preparing for upcoming cooler temps as the seasons change (with autumn upon us now).

*btw—I know that we are almost at the end of summer and that this post is a little over due. With vacation and the craziness of summer I am just getting the chance to post June, July & August Birchboxes in the next week (hopefully). Stay tuned for the next two. . . . & Don’t forget to follow, if you are not already doing so, to get all new posts. You go Gorgeous!




p.s. Do you have any back-to-school or work products that you are re-stocking up on this month? Drop me a note. xo 


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