HOURGLASS VANISH Seamless Finish Stick Foundation

The thing that is supposed to make VANISH Seamless Stick Foundation by HOURGLASS different from other foundations is that the stick format makes it easy to apply (as well as take along in your bag) and the coverage is full yet super light on the skin.

Hourglass Vanish

I discovered VANISH when I was specifically looking for a full coverage foundation. And I think this one is particularly great for summer because it is waterproof—holds up to sweat, tears (think outdoor wedding) and the beach all with a full 14 hours of wear. They say that it will even cover freckles!

It was also nice to see that VANISH comes in 32 shade choices! Swatch pictures on the Hourglass site seem to be grouped by skin tone: Fair, Dark, Warm. Otherwise, VANISH is made for all skin types, has a satin finish and a buildable coverage. However, it does not contain an SPF so I always start with a face lotion with a broad spectrum sunscreen before applying this foundation.

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I chose my shade online (which isn’t exactly the best way to do that, lol) from the fair or light category in Natural. On my skin I think it is actually a little too light and possibly a little too warm (but passable). If I re-order I think maybe I’ll try Buff or Linen. Note that this foundation is on the price-y side at $46.00 at either Hourglass or Sephora.

*And, btw, the HOURGLASS site has a Foundation Finder feature to help you first narrow down which of their five foundation formulas will work best for you. They have a liquid powder foundation that looks interesting and a VEIL fluid makeup that I would also like to try.


VANISH comes in a cool triangular shaped stick that twists up in the tube when you need to reveal more product. How do they do that with a triangular shape? hummm . . .

Of course I start with a primer and then I usually apply VANISH to my skin directly from the tube, placing a few spots of it around my face (a couple on each side of my forehead, some under my eyes, some on either side of my nose, and a bit on the center of my chin), before I blend it out. I like that it is both #vegan and #crueltyfree.

On the skin, this foundation has a liquid-type texture so it blends really easily. I think you could get away with using your finger tips to blend it out in a pinch, but I like to use a brush or beauty blender. Here are a couple brushes that do the job quite nicely:

I also like to use my Michael Todd electric brush for really seamless blend.

Here, I’ve also added a little NARS concealer under my eyes after the foundation because the circles under my eyes were particularly dark.

Otherwise, the coverage is excellent. This foundation has what Hourglass calls ‘double the pigment.’ This means that it has an intense concentration of pigment for maximum coverage with minimal product (keeping the feel ultra lightweight on skin).

I wear VANISH with a primer, and set it with a setting spray as well as bit of power on the t-zone. Because my complexion tends to be oily I’ve found that my skin gets a sheen on it from oils after a few hours if I don’t add the powder.

A lot of people swear by this foundation (which won an InStyle “Best Foundation” readers choice award in 2017). And I can see why it is so well liked. It feels as light as powder on the face and stays put through a full day of activities. For those with dryer complexions, I think that you would find that Vanish also maintains skin’s moisture levels.

Is this your go-to foundation? I’d love to hear from you if you use Vanish and what you love about it (as well as your shade).

Is everyone back to work and school? or do some of you still have vacations coming up before the end of the year? I had a fabulous little getaway to Vienna, Austria this summer. Just wanted to share a few pictures of mine of that beautiful city with you. Enjoy!

Stay Gorgeous! xo,




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