the BALM Smoke Balm ‘with foil’ eyeshadows

I picked up this cute little palette in a #thebalmcosmetics haul not long ago. It contains just three shades—everything needed to create a fabulous smokey eye.

Smoke Balm Vol. 4 (there are some other shade combinations offered) is a petit palette at just around 4.5″ x 1.5″ in size. It only weighs 7.2g/0.25oz. But the pans of color are reasonably large in size, and the lid (with large mirror inside) has a solid and very secure magnetic closure. This set of eyeshadows is especially great for tossing in your purse for afternoon touch ups or taking to the gym when you don’t want to tote your larger palettes.

Untitled_Artwork 6

The three shades were so carefully chosen to compliment each other that they blend together effortlessly and are virtually fool-proof (and smoldering). Just remember to thoroughly blend out any hard edges, and you’re all set!

Untitled_Artwork 26

The shades:

SMOKINGfoiled frosty pinky-beige with just the merest pink of peach

LUMINOUSmatte medium dark terra cotta

STRIKINGmetallic hickory-wine brown, almost burgundy, with a coppery shift

Untitled_Artwork 15

The back of the box diagrams one way to apply the colors, like this:

  1. Apply STRIKING from the lash line to the lid crease as well as use it along the lash lines.
  2. Blend LUMINOUS into the crease.
  3. Highlight with SMOKING under brows and tear ducts.

DSCN5169 4

However, I like this easy way to wear them:

Untitled_Artwork 9

From start to finish, here is my application:





This palette runs for $14.50 at the, around $12.00 at Walmart, and I know that Ulta used to carry it as well but doesn’t seem to any more.

(*btw—my lipstick color in this pic is #UrbanDecay in Jilted)

Overall I think this is a great palette for the price because of its versatility! Its also great because the colors aren’t too harsh and blend into skin smoothly.

Do you have any big vacation plans still coming up or fun places you’ve visited already this summer? Somewhere tropical maybe . . . . hummm? Whatever fun you’re up to, hope you’re keeping cool. Drop me a note and let me know. xoxo, Jen




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