COVER FX Water Cloud Primer

I just going to say it up front, I am totally impressed with this primer! Cover FX’s Water Cloud Primer is amazing!

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Primers are a makeup necessity if you want to make sure your makeup stays put through all the stressors that your face encounters in a day. You know what I’m talking about: hormonal imbalance, oiliness, dryness, weather, recirculated air, artificial indoor lighting, exercise, etc. . . .   btw, You got this! 

Even in the midst of the hectic-ness of life you never want to let them see you sweat. Water Cloud Primer does all the things you expect from a primer: It keeps makeup in place even when you are working out and smooths the canvas of your skin in preparation for makeup application. PLUS!— it is cooling on contact with skin, hydrates dry areas, guards against pollution, and protects skin from blue light.

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Most incredible of these benefits is that Water Cloud Primer protects skin from blue light emissions AND urban pollutants (the worst of these are free radicals).

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A note about blue light emissions (in case you would like more info): Blue light is the spectrum of light just below ultraviolet (UV). UV has the shortest wavelength and therefore has the most potential to harm skin cells (which is why most sunscreens protect from UV). Blue light is the next in line for harmful effects with the next shortest wavelength. *p.s. I’m not including a reference here because, even though the consensus so far is that blue light is harmful, I’m not sure the harm has been completely defined yet. Better safe than sorry though, right?

Water Cloud is a gel formula that feels a little like a serum. It is never ‘silicone-y’ in texture and does not have any issues interacting with other products (no pilling or separating). Plus, it only takes a few pea sized drops of this pale blue gel to cover your whole face (working it into the very edge of your hairline).


Particularly, the gel consistency allows it to glide on and disperse over larger than anticipated areas of the face. I use it after first adding a serum to my freshly washed face as well as a moisturizer with SPF (letting those products soak in a few minutes between applications and before adding this one).


As soon as I spread it over my face with my fingertips it has a refreshing feel and calms any redness. Emollients and humectants within add a level of hydration to skin too (this is great even for those with a typically oily complexion, like mine, because remember that thirsty skin is one reason that it may overproduce oil).


The deets: Water Cloud Primer will work for all skin types because of its multi benefits. Cover FX claims to only use safe and high performing ingredients. And, this primer includes NO: Fragrance, Gluten, Mineral Oil, Parbens, Phthalates OR Talc. Perfect! It is cruelty-free and vegan as well.

After I ordered one 30ml/1.0 fl oz tube for $38.00 directly from CoverFX, and used it a few days loving the results. Then I received a promotion for a free tube with a certain order amount and had to go for it (because I was sure this was a product that would become a habit for me) and get more! Thats how quickly Water Cloud had become a holy grail skin defense for me. Love all its benefits.

My makeup stays put all day with this primer and my skin is noticeably healthier and less irritated. Wow, a primer that does practically everything.

As usual, drop me a comment with your thoughts.  If you also use this primer (or if you have any questions about my experience with it) please let me know. I’d even be intrigued to know what other primers work for you.

Would LOVE to hear from you. You go Gorgeous!



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