NYX FAUX WHITES White Smoke eye brightening pencil

With longer, more light filled days now the usual, why not brighten up your eyes too? One way to do that is with a white eyeliner. NYX makes a handful of Faux White pencils which are sold for between $8.00 (NYX site) to $5.60 (Ulta). btw-Walmart had them for $11.18, gasp!?

There are 8 shades to choose from in the FAUX WHITE line, of which I selected the one in the color White Smoke (a periwinkle off white).


Here is the whole list of whites (in no particular order):

  • White Smoke—barely periwinkle
  • Lavender Blush—barely pastel pinky lavender
  • Baby Powder—barely pale blue
  • Mint Cream—barely cool blue-green
  • Honeydew—barely pastel lime green
  • Vanilla—barely pastel yellow
  • Linen—barely soft peach
  • Seashell—barely baby pink


I chose White Smoke because I felt that it would compliment my hazel eyes best. These are labeled as an ‘inner eye brightener‘ but I bought mine to use as a waterline color as well.  It turns out that it doesn’t have the best staying power on the waterline, although it does brighten up eyes in that placement and lasts at least half the day for me.

I’ve used it for several days in a row now, here are a few pix so you can see what you think:

DAY 1, just on the waterline:



DAY 2, waterline again with a red under the lashes eyeliner:



DAY 3, waterline and accentuating some black winged eyeliner:






The NYX pencil is sooo creamy, and the color glides on easily (no tugging on the fragile eye area). I think the Faux Whites are cool because they add just a hint of color and are a nice change from a standard white pencil.


If these interest you, here’s my take on the best color choices for different eye colors:

  • BROWN eyes—Vanilla or White Smoke
  • HAZEL eyes—White Smoke or Lavender Blush
  • BLUE eyes—Linen or Honeydew
  • DARK BROWN or BLACK eyes—Baby Powder, White Smoke or Vanilla



btw—These pencils sharpen (they don’t twist up) so you’ll need a fairly small sharpener to do that. They are at a weight of 6 oz and just over 5 inches in length.

NYX is definitely not a prestige line, but I like that they are a 100% cruelty-free.


Do you use another white eyeliner for brightening your eyes either at the inner corner, on the waterline or under eyebrows?

Have a gorgeous day all!! Oh, and let me know if you’ve already taken a summer vacation and if so where you went! Would love to hear from you!

xoxo, Jen


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