HUDA BEAUTY Contour & Strobe lip set in TROPHY WIFE / SHAMELESS

Huda creates some truly unique and gorgeous makeup shades! Her lip sets (this one is a Contour & Strobe set) give you all the products and go-together colors necessary for a dimensional lip look.

How lovely is the lip tin!? The way its glossy surface picks up the light is so pretty.


I chose the set in TROPHY WIFE / SHAMELESS which creates a cool-toned rose pink lip.


Each CONTOUR & STROBE set comes with: a liquid matte lip color, a lip contour pencil and a lip strobe topper. These sets are limited-edition and designed to create ‘Huda-esque’ pouty lips (think ‘overlining’ just a tad to get the illusion of a fuller lip).

The LIP CONTOUR pencil for this set is in the matte color TROPHY WIFE. The first step in creating a lip is to line (or overline) lips. Huda recommends drawing a few lines from the center of each lip too for extra contour.

After lining lips next use the LIQUID MATTE color in, again, TROPHY WIFE, to fill in lips. Use this shade all over for the foundation lip shade.

Then for the final, sparkling, finishing touch add LIP STROBE in SHAMELESS over the top. SHAMELESS is the one ultra glossy color in the set with micro gold particles to create a fuller lip and shimmer in any lighting and at every angle.


Here’s my application, starting with a bit of lip balm:

Then drawing the contour lines (with a picture first noting placement):

After contouring, I fill in lips with the liquid matte shade:

Then add the lip strobe for full effect:

I went pretty thick on the contour lines. And, after using this lip set for a few days I like to mainly place the strobe shade in the center of my lips and blend it into the other colors a bit by rubbing my lips together.

I’d love to get Huda’s Matte & Cream Lip Set in Bawse & Famous, next, which is more of a purple/berry set. Thank you Huda for creating such gorgeous cosmetics colors and thoughtful sets!

Go gorgeous! xoxo,


Give Me Gorgeous


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