OFRA X Nikkietutorials Collection

So, I’ve had this set for a little while and just got the chance to play around with the colors. Originally I was looking to purchase an OFRA highlighter (that I’ve heard tons of good things about) but then found that OFRA had this set which included a trio of highlighters and three lipstick shades (on sale from its original $79.) for about the same price as one single highlighter. So, of course I decided to get the set instead of the single!

While the set is now sold out, I know that OFRA and Ulta still have a number of @NIKKIETUTORIALS collab makeup items for sale (including several highlighter shades).

First, the 3 Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks:

OFRA X Nikkietutorials Collection

  • COVEN—a rich burnished, medium, metallic chocolate brown

Surprisingly, I find this shade to be very wearable and a luxurious tone. This is the one metallic in the set and it is so creamy and smooth (no glitter or creasing).

  • NUDE POTION—a matte, understated, pink-y beige

This is the most ‘low-key’ of the three lipstick shades. It is so light hued that it is probably too light on my complexion, although YouTuber Nikkie de Jager is also usually very fair skinned and pulls it off just fine.

I can see using this shade in the summer (with tanned skin) or with a smokey eye.

  • SPELL—a vivid, pink based, neon orange with a slight iridescence

Of the three, SPELL is the most complex color and the one that needs to be applied most carefully to make sure it looks smooth and its color is distributed evenly. If you a quick initial application and follow that up with a last smooth swipe fully across each lip it will look best. It is a pretty bright color that will certainly get noticed! Not yet sure how I feel about the way it looks on me. (Maybe a good Halloween color!)

OFRA X Nikkietutorials Collection

This set also includes a round EVERGLOW highlighter trio compact, with the three shades baked seamlessly next to each other. Online at least, Ofra still offers an EVERGLOW trio (as one wheel or as a compact of three separate colors) as does ULTA.

OFRA X Nikkietutorials Collection

The trio is created with a ‘liquid-to-baked technology’ which I assume means that they pour each color into the pan and then bake them together into a powder form. Also, I wondered if these are actually the Nikkietutorials X Ofra highlighters named Glazed Donut, Glow Goals and Beam the Haters. But I couldn’t find the separate colors in the single compact noted anywhere.

The highlighters can be used by swirling a brush across the surface of all three and blending them or individually.

EVERGLOW Highlighter trio colors:

  • white shimmer—that can be swept on the eye tear duct, at the sides of your forehead, on the cupids bow of lips and placed with your fingertip down the center of the nose
  • barely golden neutral—can be used to create dimension or as an under brow highlight
  • orange-y metallic copper—might be great swept across collarbones in the summertime, or can add a sun kissed aura to face


I mainly used the lightest of the highlighters when I applied them (all with a COVEN lip in these pix):

Ofra has some of the best highlighters! They are brilliant enough not to fade into the background. In natural light, they are most noticeable and would certainly be enchanting in candlelight.

Drop me a note and let me know if you would wear an orange or metallic brown lip! *especially if you are one of the #ofrabeauties and have this set too 🙂

Go Gorgeous!



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