BIRCHBOX May 2019—Get Inspired!

May’s BIRCHBOX is about getting inspired to try something new and about celebrating *brands founded by women (the Female Founder Collective).

Here are the beauty product samples that I received!:

CAVIAR mist is a hair spray that reduces breakage by 93% and protects strands from heat of up to 450 degrees F. It does contain caviar extract (hence the name) as well as a number of other nourishing oils and extracts. The ingredient combination helps smooth flyaways and prevent dryness (perfect for my long hair).

The non-aerosol mist comes out in a very fine spray that has just a very slight sweet smell to it. You can use it on damp or dry hair by holding 4-6 inches away and spritzing hair from roots to ends. Then distribute evenly with a comb.

So far, so good—my hair was a bit frizzy on top (static-y too) when I put together these photos and it was an aha moment that I had this on hand. It did a great job of smoothing my hair.

I suppose this blender is so tiny because it is just a sample, although I think the beauty.blusher full size must still be somewhat smaller than there regular beauty blenders. The sample is only 1.5″ tall by almost 1″ wide at its widest spot. It is a tool intended to apply cheek colors (cream or powder).

This tiny grapefruit-hued blender is, however, just the right size for the small delicate areas around my eyes. I use it to blend out concealer or tear duct highlighter. The sample  seems too small for the large area of my face, to me.

btw—When using these, make sure to get them thoroughly wet, squeeze out excess water, then use to blend. If used totally dry, they also absorb liquid product that you are trying to distribute. BB recommends removing some of the water with a towel before using. (Just in case you don’t use beautyblenders on a regular basis.)

Essential Scrub can be used once or twice a week as a gentle exfoliant. It comes out of the tube white and you can feel the intsy scrubbing particles it contains. Bonus, it is also moisturizing with ingredients like Shea Butter. [ comfort zone ] has the tag line: SKIN SCIENCE SOUL (very cool).

This gentle scrub really refreshes, smooths and illuminates your face. Plus, I see no reason why it wouldn’t also be a treat for rough elbows or hands.

It has a slight medicine-y scent, but it quickly dissipates. This may be my favorite of the samples this month because it does such a fantastic job of removing dead skin cells and grime.

I think I must have tried this product before. It comes in 3 colors: Forever Pink, Forever Red and Forever Peach. Pink would have been my selection, so I’m happy that it is the one that I received.

Even though it looks peachy/baby pink in the tube, it transforms on skin to a universally flattering, mild pink. Also, I can tell how moisturizing this lip stain is just from its smooth texture on my lips. And, it gives my cheeks just the right amount of creamy color.

If your skin is typically dry, this would be an excellent blush for you. Love that it is packed with natural ingredients and botanical oils.

BB Creams are multi-tankers with tint (this one has self-adjusting pigments). Golden Glow moisturizes, illuminates, evens, corrects, protects, promotes new cells, calms and controls shine (what more could you ask!?).

It only takes a pea sized amount for one application. Use it over your morning skincare routine or as a first layer (before makeup) over clean skin. If you don’t require a full coverage foundation, this cc cream may provide enough color.

Also, if you don’t like to use thicker face makeup, this may be just the thing. It contains mica to diffuse light and has skin-loving ingredients like aloe and camellia extract.


A fragrance sample is always welcome, especially if I haven’t tried it before. TOCCA has so many interesting scents to offer it is nice to try Gia.

Gia is complex and definitely feminine. It includes notes of pink peppercorn and amber with tangerine and the sweetly floral turkish rose.

This array of melded balance nicely with a lingering, luscious fruity aroma. Gia is a lovely day scent, yet still sophisticated enough for evening.


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