SUGAR RUSH Desert Dreamers Brush Set

This sweet little set of three cosmetics brushes by #SugarRush (a #Tarte line) is a handy little trio that covers all the bases for face makeup.


I added it to a recent Ulta order  (at just $23.00) to qualify for free shipping. And, I am so happy I did. Not only are the smooth plastic brush handles such a fun cactus design but the bright bubblegum pink bristles are unbelievably soft. I think Ulta may have sold out of these already, but the tarte cosmetics site may still have them available.


Plus, the set is vegan and cruelty-free. The bristles of each brush are so fine and densely packed that they most effectively spread any face color with precision. The handles are a nice weight in the hand and these quality brushes are full size (not minis).

DSCN5796 2

*each brush has multiple uses with either cream or powder makeup:

small eyeshadow/concealer brush

  • blends out eyeshadow
  • accurately contours nose
  • adds tear duct color
  • gently blends concealer


large angled brush

  • applies precision contouring
  • dusts on blush
  • blends out foundation at the hair line


large fluffy brush

  • buffs any hard edges of face color
  • adds powder for baking
  • dusts on highlighter for strobing


Untitled_Artwork 15

As mentioned, they are all full size. The large brush fluffy brush is 7.5 inches long, the large angled brush is 7 inches long and the small eye brush is 6.5 inches long. These cactus brushes are also made without gluten, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate or triclosan.

Untitled_Artwork 16

If you haven’t already checked out this sister line to tarte cosmetics you may want to see their range of affordable and fun products that are made with safe ingredients. Tarte has a menu selection at the top of their home page that will take you directly to the line.

Honestly, I really love the pink/green color combo of these too! Let me know if you are a #sugarsquad convert already, if you have these and if so your thoughts on them.


Make it a gorgeous day!









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