BIRCHBOX—April 2019 Bright Ideas

These are the product samples that I received in my April Birchbox. The theme for April is Bright Ideas!—Products that will infuse joy into your beauty routine.

Birchbox April 2019

The rundown:

Alterna is a new brand for me and although the link above is to the Alterna site they refer those wanting to purchase their products to another seller. Sephora, Ulta and Walmart are among the stores that sell Alterna.

That said, their Caviar CC (which stands for Complete Correction) Cream Leave-in treatment is said to provide results in just one usage and has 10 benefits in total: 1. moisture, 2. shine, 3. smoothness, 4. softness, 5. soft hold, 6. manageability, 7. strand strength, 8. reduced breakage, 9. protection from heat styling, AND 10. guards tresses from UV rays.

Love all of these benefits for hair! I’ve only used it a couple times so far, but am excited to see if it reduces breakage (it says by 92%). It doesn’t take much Caviar Cream (just a dime sized amount) to be applied to towel dried hair. However, I still find that my long hair needs a bit of leave-in conditioner as well. So, I may start using it as a finishing cream instead and see how that works.

Since I’ve tried Roller Lash before and loved it, I was so happy to receive this trial size to remind me how well it works!

Roller Lash

The curved wand tip of this Roller Lash mascara has tiny hooked tines that work to catch and coat each individual lash. It works best if you start at the base of lashes and wiggle the wand up along the lashes to lash tips.

Untitled_Artwork 8

Untitled_Artwork 7

And, just a couple back and forth strokes are all it takes for the bottom lashes.

Ceramidin Cream is a fabulous product (another product that I can always use in a travel-size).  Its name means that it uses ceramics for extra hydration and for boosting skin’s moisture retention levels.

The fairly thick cream is soothing when applied to skin (I especially like to use it under eyes) and really packs on the extra moisture.

To use: Apply to clean, dry skin after washing with water in the morning or removing makeup in the evening. When skin is especially dry, apply it before sun protection or at night for added moisture. Moisturized skin is happy skin.

This nighttime facial oil is infused with powerful distilled botanicals (like Sunflower Lavender and Evening Primrose Oils PLUS Turmeric Root and Jasmine Extracts—just to name a few). It rates high across the board for being lightweight on skin and astonishingly effective at improving skin’s texture. It even helps reverse damage from a number of environmental stressors (UV Rays, pollution, emotional stress).

All it takes is one or two drops to gently massage onto your face before bed. I find that it hydrates my skin and softens it by morning. It has a light, sweet, calming scent that is soothing for sleep.

Since the full-size is fairly expensive, I am going to finish this whole vial before I decide to invest. But, I have noticed that my skin looks plumper and more even in color in the morning after using this serum.

I haven’t purchased a Kiehls product in a while but so far a I’m definitely impressed with this one.

Analog conditions and cleans all in one. It comes out of its canister the consistency of a lightweight shaving cream (not quite as thick). The thick product is easy to work into damp hair, from roots to ends, before rinsing out with warm water.

This one step hair treatment is perfect for color-treated, dry and/or course hair. And, it is in R+Co’s scent ‘LOVE BITE’ which includes orange, rhubarb, fig, guava and amber. Power ingredients are: Argan Oil, Green Tea, Horsetail Extract and Nettle Leaf Extract. Also, it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Another good selection.

and, lastly:

tarteist glossy lip paint Token April 2019 II

The gloss is actually fairly thick and pretty color saturated. Plus, it helps keep lips moisturized with castor seed oil.

I’d like to pick this up in the color Slay, which is a nude violet shade.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? If so, let me know if you received any products you really love this month.

Have a gorgeous week!!!




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