tarte High Tides & Good Vibes eyeshadows

High tides & good vibes, a tarte Rainforest Of The Sea palette, contains 8 gorgeous, multi-faceted, ocean-inspired shades and 4 fabulous, high-impact gel glitter toppers. All of the eyeshadows are infused with antioxidant-rich marine plant extracts to keep lids hydrated and wrinkles at bay.

When you first slide the palette out of its box the first thing you notice is that the lid is liquid-filled: half with a darker turquoise and half with a light aqua color as well as a trapped small air bubble. It’s fun to shake the palette and watch to liquid move in waves underneath the overlay of seaweed and turtle graphics. This complex packaging design makes the palette a healthy weight in the hand.

This is a limited-edition palette, that you can find at tarte cosmetics and Sephora for around $39.00 USD. So, if you think you may want to add this to your collection don’t wait too long to get it. 😉 I think that the pans of color are actually larger than most so the palette is well priced for the amount of product you get.

The eyeshadow shades within High Tides & Good Vibes are unlike any other set I have, and they are gorgeous! Here’s a run down:

Eight super soft powder eyeshadows (4 matte and 4 shimmer):

  • aloha beaches—matte, subdued, orange-y terra cotta
  • beach therapy—matte, medium tan
  • South Beach—matte sea coral pink
  • surf’s up—matte, cool, whiteish green

tarte high tides & good vibes eyeshadow palette

  • buried gold—sheer, buildable, frosty gold
  • deep blue—shimmering, dark royal blue
  • dive in—deep teal with a silver micro shimmer
  • Galapagos—sheer, buildable burnished bronze shimmer

Four high-impact glitter ‘treasure’ toppers (that run diagonally down the center of the palette and are ‘mess-free’ because the glitter is so completely flat that it adheres to the lid seamlessly -AND- the glitter is mixed with the merest amount of clear gel to allow the lid color or eyeshadow underneath to show through):

tarte high tides & good vibes eyeshadow palette 

  • aquaholic—brilliant golden teal glitter
  • beach daze—burgundy/pink glitter with a gold shift
  • champagne beach—dazzling gold glitter
  • turtlette—sliver shimmering mini glitter

These glitter toppers allow you to quickly turn a more demure day look to all out party-ready glitz.

tarte high tides & good vibes eyeshadow paletteTarte lists each shade (all 12) as being 0.053oz/1.5g, but the Sephora site has the correct weight of the four glitter gel toppers (btw—which are all in a different shaped pan than the other eight eyeshadows) as 0.06oz/1.715. So, tarte, baby—if you are reading this, you may want to make that site update in the ‘ingredients section’ for this palette. 

I have had fun trying out multiple combinations of eyeshadow looks with this palette over the last week, as you can see by this huge amount of pix:

This first one, is the full progression from bare face with eyeshadow done first, then foundation/primer added, to the full finished look:

This next set of pix is of a more subdued look with color details and foundation done first:

And, yet another set:

note: When initially adding eyeshadow color I don’t usually worry too much about trying to stay within any lines because I can always clean edges up with foundation.

tarte high tides & good vibes eyeshadow palette

I hope y’all enjoy seeing so many different approaches to this look, with varying amounts of color used. A few more finished looks:

These eyeshadows have NO: formaldehydes, mineral oil parabens or phthalates. yay! Plus, they are cruelty-free and gluten-free. excellent!

If you have this palette, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Send pix if you have them. 😉 Have a gorgeous weekend, all.



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