TOO FACED Pretty Rich diamond light eyeshadow palette

I’ve had this palette for a little while now, but wanted to fully explore its potential for you as its three main finishes in combination with nude and jewel-toned shades really have the potential to create a wide range of looks.

Too Faced Pretty Rich

First off the baby pink box is cute, adorned with the words ‘pretty rich‘ that look like they have been written in lipstick. The palette itself is relatively hefty (around 1.25″ thick), with a slightly puffy top to its particularly heavy, magnetic-closure lid (inset with an oval mirror).



In fact, the rectangular palette is a little unwieldy in the hand because of its weight and size. When using, it is much easier to set it on your makeup table top or bathroom sink counter than to try and hold it with one hand and apply with the other.

Plus, the palette comes with a little 10-panel sheet that shows you how to apply four different looks: Fancy That, Sitting Pretty, Strike It Rich and Pretty & Priceless. I tried variations of a couple of these.

Too Faced Pretty Rich

I think the shades are gorgeous!


Even though ‘pretty rich’ doesn’t contain all jewel tones, I think the colors and variety of finishes are quite rich indeed. Some might not prefer that there are so many neutral shades in the mix, but I think they only accentuate the use of the more glittery choices when used in combination. And I always think it is nice for palettes to include one ultra dark color (usually black, that can be used on the lash line or for an evening lid), a crease shade (a version of matte sepia), a lid base shade (light beige or cream) and a tear duct (white pearl) choice—which this one does.




colors within the set are:

  • 4 in octagon or diamond shaped pans (all the ones with ‘diamond‘ in their name) are *gel-based glitters (btw—these are best applied with your fingertips and due to their gel base don’t require a primer)
  • matte shades (one with micro-sparkles)
  • shimmery hues


a run-down on the colors (with swatches in two different lights—outdoor and indoor):

  • DIAMONDS 4 BREAKFAST*—gold and silver glitter
  • IT’S DESIGNER!—matte latte brown
  • FANCY THAT—matte latte brown
  • FILTHY RICH—golden shimmering brown
  • CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS—iridescent white with pink shift
  • PRINCESS CUT—frosty coral with gold glitter flecks
  • DIAMOND GLITTERATI*—violet/pink glitter
  • HIGHLY SELECTIVE—golden pink frost



  • FLUENT IN DIAMONDS*—dense gold glitter
  • IT’S CASHMERE—matte tan
  • DON’T CARAT ALL—metallic gold
  • OH, THAT’S RICH!—matte deep burgundy/brown
  • COAL UNDER PRESSURE—matte black with silver/blue micro sparkles
  • SILVER SPOON—frosty periwinkle
  • SET THE JEWEL TONE—shimmering purple/blue
  • DIAMOND LIFE*—iridescent silvery blue glitter

DIAMOND LIFE, in particular, is so magnificent in the sunlight. You can see how it sparkles in that light. It is perfect for an elegant eye or as an eyeshadow topper to ‘luxe-up’ any shade.

Obviously the combinations are endless with this palette. I tried out some combinations of my own:


color placement—

crease: IT’S CASHMERE, outer half of lids: SILVER SPOON + SET THE JEWEL TONE, inner half of lids: HIGHLY SELECTIVE + PRINCESS CUT, upper lash line: COAL UNDER PRESSURE, lower lash line: FILTHY RICH, and under brow bone: IT’S DESIGNER!



color placement—

crease: FANCY THAT, outer half of lids: DIAMOND GLITTERATI + PRINCESS CUT, inner half of lids: DIAMONDS 4 BREAKFAST,  lower lash line: SET THE JEWEL TONE, and tear duct: CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS



color placement:

crease: IT’S CASHMERE, outer lid corner and upper lash line: OH THAT’S RICH!, lid: FLUENT IN DIAMONDS, tear duct: CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS

4. And another with lashes:


So, as you can see, I had a lot of fun playing with the eyeshadow colors in this palette. And, even though it has been available for a while, I thought it was worth showing you. The only slight drawback I could find with the eyeshadows was that a few of the mattes go on pretty powdery and not as intensely as I would like. Overall though, I really like this collection of eyeshadows.

Too Faced’s Pretty Rich runs for about $49.00 USD, no matter the retailer. In the US you can still find it at Too Faced Cosmetics, Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom to name a few.

Thanks for stopping by! Drop me a comment if you have this palette to let me know if you like or dislike it.


Love & xo,



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