BIRCHBOX March—The Future Starts Now!

First of all, yes I know its April! 🙂 So, I also realize that April’s Birchbox will probably come any day now, but I wanted to still show you what I received in March because there are some great items to see from some brands that might not be familiar to you.

The theme for March’s box is: “Invent the reality you want to live. The future starts now.” Birchbox is celebrating women (International Women’s Day) and encouraging you enjoy a moment now to take a breather as well as work to contribute to a bright future reality for yourself.

Here are the product samples that I received:

This is a pre-wash treatment for your scalp that turns from oil to foam when water is added. It uses pink clay (that contains silica that may help skin’s elasticity, calms inflammation, and gently exfoliates) which helps remove build-up and hydrate the scalp. If use a lot of product on your hair, this oil will eliminate that build-up on your scalp.

To use: Apply to the scalp in sections directly from the tip of the bottle. Massage it on evenly. Wait about 4 minutes or so then rinse. Follow with your usual shampoo and conditioner routine.

This oil also solves issues with itchy scalp and dandruff. It can be used weekly. And, bonus, it is cruelty-free, has no mineral oil and no sulfates. It’s a new type of product for me, and I am looking forward to seeing how its ability to remove product build-up will help my scalp and tresses over time.

This copper colored, cream highlighter brightens skin and cares for it too. Lighting Crew is packed with antioxidants from pineapple and green tea. The smooth cream goes on sheer and provides a glowing highlight for the high points of your face while nourishing skin.

It can be used under or mixed with foundation . And, it can be added to body lotion for extra glow on shoulders, collar bone and/or legs. Alternatively, it can be used as a final step over makeup. It’s oil-free, fragrance-free and noncomedogenic too—Perfect!

I particularly love this sample from March. Because my skin has a tendency to be oily, I’m always looking for products that ensure a matte complexion. This lotion not only moisturizes (calms the unwanted redness in my cheeks) but it also ‘mattifies’ with powder. Plus, it contains Vitamin C for more radiant skin.

So, I like to use this double duty moisturizer/oil control product as a primer. The powder ingredient ensures that skin is smooth for seamless makeup application. You can use it on bare skin or over a serum/face oil step (which I do). The fluid applies clear and is absorbed quickly.

Love! this product. After concerns over losing eyelashes from tugging caused by wearing the occasional false eyelashes, I am delighted to receive an eyelash primer. This stuff really works too! It goes on white and makes lashes longer via peptides and fibers. Not only does it increase my lash length but it gives my eyelashes fullness.

To use, apply a couple coats to bare eyelashes (brushing from base to tip with the wand), let the primer dry, then apply mascara as usual. I got great results from GrandePRIMER, all without any flaking or running.

Results with mascara:

I will definitely be picking up a full size of this lash primer.

This thin, soft gel eyeliner is perfect for a subtle smoky line. Its soft lines are supposed to be non-fading. I found the best use for it was to wiggle it between eyelashes for added lash line definition (in addition to my usual black liquid eyeliner).

Untitled_Artwork 10

I don’t find that this eyeliner suited me because I was unable to get a really bold or thick line with it. However, if you want a more gentle smoky eye look, this may fit the bill. Although I did find a use for it as a between lashes color, it is unlikely an item that I will be looking for in a full size.

Let me know if you’ve tried Eyedylic liner and, if so, what you thought.

Wishing you a great weekend, Gorgeous!! Drop me a comment to let me know what new beauty products are your current addictions.





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