I was quite intrigued when I heard about Maybelline’s latest mascara innovation—SNAPSCARA. It is advertised as the answer to bold lashes with no clumping, flaking or smudging, all with being easy to remove with just warm water and soap. How could this be true? Especially for an inexpensive mascara?! I HAD to find out.

So, I purchased two of the four colors available: #300 Pitch Black (onyx black) and #320 Black Cherry (burgundy/auberine):


btw—Snapscara also comes in Ultra Violet (deep purple) and Deja Blue (vivid true blue).

Snapscaras are 0.34 fl oz/10 ml in size, can be found at a variety of stores like Ulta, Target, CVS and Walmart at just under $6.00. Yep, the price is great on this mascara too!

What makes this particular mascara different that others is that it is ‘wax-less,’ letting all its pigment shine through. Without wax as an additive, the mascara has maximum color impact and no dullness.


I also like that the wand is curved and the tines are graduated, all while being long enough to grip most of your lashes in one or two swipes. Of course you can build the length and intensity with more swipes of color. I find that four or five brushes are enough for my top lashes and i use a couple careful sideways swipes for my lower lashes.


These mascara tubes are a slick, smooth plastic with a silver band and cute eyes with lashes outlines along one side. The width of the square tube and its weight feels nice in the hand.


I am happy with both of my selected colors, although the Black Cherry is so dark that once applied to lashes it is hard to see that it isn’t black. Its color does come through a bit better in direct sunlight though.

I chose the cherry shade to compliment my hazel eyes, but I’m not sure it is colorful enough to have the desired effect. I am interested to know if the Deja Blue is more vivid because it seems like the brightest of the color choices. So, if you’ve tried Deja Blue, please let me know what you think. 

My lashes did look denser and longer with Snapscara. What do you think?:

Overall, I am pretty pleased with this formula. Although I do have to say that at first I thought I’d just use soap and water to take this mascara off with the rest of my makeup. When I tried that method the makeup came off in tiny chunks. But when I followed the instructions on the packaging and just used a cotton pad and warm water, it all came off easily!

Since then I have taken it off with a damp, warm microfiber cloth with really great results too. And today, I found three packs of tiny microfiber circles (how cute are they?) at the Dollar Store that should do the job perfectly!

Hope you are having a great week, Gorgeous!!!






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    • GiveMeGorgeous
      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      Thank you so much Brenda! Yea, for the price this is great for a pretty innovative formula. Let me know if you do get it and if you like it. Have a great weekend!!!


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