TATCHA Skincare Obento Box

I was lucky enough to receive this TATCHA Skincare For Makeup Lovers Obento Box as a Christmas gift in December.


I’m pretty sure this was a Sephora exclusive, but I’ve linked the Tatcha page (above) that shows all of their current gift sets so that you can see there are still a ton of choices of sets out there if you want to try out their skincare before committing to full size products (Tatcha IS on the pricey side). *note: Their formulas are all dermatologist tested and non-irritating. Tatcha includes NO: parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, or DEA.


Tatcha’s Skincare Obento Box includes smaller versions of a set of products that can be used to prepare your face for smooth makeup application. TATCHA is known for using pure ingredients and Japanese anti-aging superfoods (green tea, rice and algae). The Obento Box contains (in no particular order):


Tatcha was inspired by the beauty secrets of the geisha to create their products. The brand is known for having great skincare options and I am finding these very skin nurturing, which is so important for facial skin that gets put through a lot with daily makeup, sun and weather exposure.

Untitled_Artwork 3

Here are the details for the set:


Although this moisturizing skin spray says it is for normal to dry skin, because it can also be used to refresh makeup mid-day (in the evening, after a flight, or anytime skin feels fatigued from recycled indoor air), I think it will work for any skin type. My skin type is combination with a tendency towards oiliness, but keeping skin hydrated even helps keep my skin’s natural oil production at bay a bit.

Untitled_Artwork 8

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is meant to be used as a primer or first step in your routine (even before other skincare and sunscreen). I spray this fine mist on my bare face before makeup application to lock in moisture. And, I love that it contains 20% botanical oils/extracts and humectants to naturally boost hydration.

I think this product is worth the price (around $48.00 for the full size!) because of its quality ingredients and because it has so many uses. Besides working well as a primer and refresh spray, it can be used to set makeup in the morning. Plus, it has a whole other alternative use as a hair detangler or to add shine/moisture to tresses.

Tatcha also makes a Dewy Skin Mask btw, for pampering skin.



Of all of these products, this is the one I find the most amazing!

Untitled_Artwork 5

A pale peach in color, one application takes so little product but makes the surface of skin silky smooth. I apply this after serum/skin mist and moisturizing sunscreen, as a primer. It only takes the amount of a grain of rice for the whole face. And, it works wonders to create a smooth canvas for makeup, prevent clogged pores, protect against pollution, prevent breakouts and stop makeup from settling into fine lines. What a wonder!

It virtually has no scent, warms as you glide fingertips over the surface and applies easily by pressing it gently into skin. Invisible silk fibers help the product create a smooth surface over the face. Although this looks whiteish-peach in the container, it applies sheer.

It blurs imperfections as well, hiding large pores and fine lines. Whats not to like?



This is a great all-around oil-free and non-comedogenic facial moisturizing cream. It hydrates, refines and adds radiance. And, it has NO mineral oil, added fragrance, sulfate detergents or phthalates.

Untitled_Artwork 7

I like to use this at night on my freshly washed face. Tatcha uses a ‘water-burst’ technology that promises to trigger the release of moisture with application. And, it doesn’t leave an oil slick on skin because of its ability to absorb deeply.

Natural ingredients include their TM Hadesei-3 (anti-aging green tea, rice and algae), a hint of 23-karat gold (for shine-free glow), Japanese Leopard Lily (controls oil and prompts skin cell turnover) and Japanese Wild Rose (tightens pores for smoother skin).

This has a very slight botanical scent. The cream has a medium dense texture, glides on easily, melts on skin, and can be pressed into skin with the warmth of your fingers. Water Cream is a super skincare staple.



This mask pampers skin and imparts a lasting glow via Beautyberry.

Untitled_Artwork 10

If you need to solve skin issues like dullness or uneven skin tone, this mask should do the trick.

Vitamin C (both a water-soluble version and an oil-soluble derivative) brings powerful antioxidants to protect skin from UV damage and balance skin tone. Japanese beautyberry was added— also rich in antioxidants—to stabilize the Vitamin C and ensure its effectiveness. The mask also works to remove dead cell build-up and dirt/oil. This face treatment also includes the Japanese anti-aging superfood trio.

The mask can be used 2-3 times a week. I apply it to my face at night after washing, leave on for 15 minutes or so, and then rinse it off with warm water. The mask does not harden, just sits on the surface of skin until you rinse it off. Violet-C IS the answer if you complexion is in need of a boost.


Overall, I do believe that the Tatcha products are fabulous. Gorgeous, let me know if you have any of these and if so, if you have had success with them.


I have one other set from Tatcha (that I purchased before receiving this set, when it was on sale)—THE STARTER RITUAL—that I haven’t even broken into yet. That set includes The Water Cream as well as three other products that this one does not (Camelia Cleansing Oil, The Rice Polish Deep and The Essence). So, I will have more Tatcha to review soon.

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You go Gorgeous!

xo, Jen





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