Gorgeous! Valentines eyeshadow palette options

With Valentine’s Day upon us I thought I would share a few of the palettes I own that will make sweet options for eyes. No matter if you have a date planned, are going to hang with friends, or just want a fun look for work or school, these are my choices for a romantic eye:

Valentines eyeshadows 3

Valentines eyeshadows 12

One of these palettes is by Too Faced, two are Morphe (one is a collab) and two are by Huda Beauty.

There are probably tons of other lovely eyeshadow options in pink, cranberry, violet, plum and pearl, however these are my selections for Valentine’s eyeshadow this year.

  • First, the Too Faced Palette:

This Razzle Dazzle Berry palette is one of their Tutti Frutti collection. Its a compact little palette with a magnetic closure lid that opens via the front right corner where the lid hangs of over the top edge just far enough to easily flip open with your fingertip.

It contains seven shades that range from a barely pink pearly cream to an intense, micro-sparkle midnight blue. The finishes vary from cream shades, powder hues to glitter sparkle. So, I would definitely recommend a lid primer (which I believe is always a good idea!) with these to make sure the sparkly shades stay set.

I really love the fabulous pigmentation of these colors that all go on with such a creamy feel. The Razzle color is one of my absolute favorites because it applies with such a buttery texture, packing on the sparkle. Razzle is neutral enough to work as a day color while still being flashy enough to twinkle in low light and segue into night wear too!

Next up—two Morphe palettes

  • Morphe 15S Social Butterfly:

I think it is tremendous that Morphe palettes are so affordable. This 15 shade Social Butterfly palette is only $16 on the Morphe site! These shadows have a range of finishes and give tons of color combination options. It’s a snap to create a day eye and then add darker colors to convert to an evening look.

My two favorite shades are #BAE (a frosty purple/fushia) and #BESTIES (a bright bubblegum pink). Using #BESTIES as a crease color will definitely get you noticed. Along with the pinks and purples, this artistry palette also has three neutral shades (#NOWTRENDING, #LATERGRAM & #AD), two black shades (#BESTNIGHTEVER & #OFFCAMERA) and two dark tealy/blue shades (#MEMEGIRLS & #SQUADGOALS).

Untitled_Artwork 15

  • MORPHE X Jaclyn Hill BLING BOSS collab palette:

Bling Boss contains ten mostly berry-shade eyeshadows. There are four palettes in this full Morphe collab collection, this being the most pink of the four. With this set, even the matte pans are embedded with a hint of sparkle. BERRY TREASURE is the darkest color option in BLING BOSS. This muted almost black color includes a faint pink micro-glitter.

I find the HUSH HUSH (a light matte browny/mauve) shade is key to building-up crease shading. MYSTIC (deep matte burgundy), SPARKS (matte red/burgundy) and ROCKSTAR (matte cranberry) are all about the same darkness of tone and can be used interchangeably. GEM is the outlier of the set in a bright, sheer violet.

Overall, I love this set of colors. I only wish that it included one shade suitable for highlight/tear duct (either a pearly white or a cream).

My picks also include two palettes from Huda Beauty

  • HUDA BEAUTY Mauve Obsessions palette:

HUDA BEAUTY Mauve Obsessions  is a petit palette of barely 3″ x 3″ square. And, it’s a bit pricey at $27.00. But, I have to say that the Huda’s eyeshadows really pack in the pigment and this unassuming palette can create some pretty bold looks. Plus, its small size makes it ultra-handy to toss in your clutch or purse. This compact palette features a very snug magnetic closure and a full lid mirror.

Mauve Obsessions contains one matte cream colored shade that works great under the brow area, and three deep matte shades that will work well at the lash line or for a dark lid. I only wish these included color names, alas (just personal preference I guess).

There are ten selections in Huda’s Obsessions palette collection, each with a color focus: Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz, Ruby, Coral, Gemstone (another one I have my eye on), Smokey (another contender for me), Mauve and Warm Brown.

  • HUDA BEAUTY The New Nude:

The New Nude palette is my absolute favorite of my 2018 buys because of its wonderfully gorgeous range of finishes and shades (both warm and cool hues) that all work together seamlessly. Four of them are ‘reflective shimmering shades‘ with larger pearly flecks that are unlike any other eyeshadows I have in my collection. As you can imagine, that collection is pretty large.

Although I LOVE all of these, my favorite go-to colors are DAYDREAM (a mauve/pink reflective shade) as an inner lid color, TEDDY (matte mauve/beige) that works great as a crease color, BARE (matte cream) for under the brows, and SPANKED (medium berry) in tandem with LOVE BITE (deep blackberry) for the lash lines.

I would love to hear about your favorite eyeshadow palette for Valentine’s Day! Please feel free to drop me a comment. I have been using these all for the last week and am sure I’ll use the New Nude palette on V-day.

Love to you all!

Go gorgeous,



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