CLEAN layering scents rollerball set

Looking for a small gift for a girlfriend, female co-worker, mother or sister? This little set of Clean roller ball scents may be the perfect find! I love these mini (5ml/0.17fl oz each) fragrances because they are so fresh, light and (just like the brand says) clean!

If you haven’t heard of Clean, their mission is to make fragrances with only essential and safe ingredients. Their rollerball set is labeled a “layering collection” because they can be used singly or in combination. The simple ingredients and fresh scents mean that you can combine more than one on your skin to come up with your own custom scent.

This set includes scents: Air, Fresh Laundry, Rain, Skin and Warm Cotton.

Clean rollerball eau de parfums

  • Here is the fragrance break down, starting with hue of each:

Air—color: clear

Top notes are bergamot blossoms and alpine air; mid notes are freesia and peony; and the base note is musk. I feel like the musk scent definitely takes dominance in this scent. I smell citrus and white blossoms.

Fresh Laundry—color: blue

Top notes are orange, lime and sweet, fresh cut grass; mid notes are rose and jasmine; and base notes are heliotrope and woodsy musk. To me, this one is sheer, vibrant floral with a light musk.

Clean rollerball eau de parfums

Rain—color: aqua green

Top notes are melon and daffodil; mid notes are daily, waterlily and spring leaves; and base notes are faint musk and crisp earthy woods. I think this scent is mainly floral/fruity  overlapped with faint woodsy notes.

Skin—color: violet

Top notes are honeydew and lotus; mid notes are white flower petals and ocean breeze; and base notes are white musk, amber, and vanilla. This scent reminds me of warm, freshly washed skin with a hint of musk that prevails.

Warm Cotton—color: aqua blue/green

Top notes are citrus fruits and verbena; mid notes are lime flowers and ocean breeze; and base notes are fern and musk.

The scents of marine and musk come through in this one equally to me.

Rain is my favorite of these. I want to eventually get a full size of this one. Air is my second favorite. But, ALL of these are totally wearable.

Clean rollerball eau de parfums

I have had these for a little while, so I know that ULTA now a newer Clean collection that includes most of the same scents except for Fresh Laundry, which was replaced with a new scent called Fresh Linens instead.

ULTA sells Clean rollerball sets online only.  And I know that they also have a smaller set of three Clean rollerballs that includes: Rain, Skin and Warm Cotton.

Have you tried Clean fragrances? Don’t you think that they are fresh and easy to wear?




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