MORPHE Flirt Alert premium lashes

Attending holiday parties this season and want to look extra glamorous? Just add lashes!

These Morphe Flirt Alert lashes are $10.00 a set and perfectly complement a bold red lip and glittery eyeshadow. To be sure, you will never look boring or go unnoticed in these!

Untitled_Artwork 16

To apply: First, I gently bend the lashes by pressing the ends together and creating an arch. This gives the lashes some curve to better fit the natural line of my lashes. Then I set the lashes on my upper lash line to determine how much I may need to trim off the outer edge (never cut at the inner end of the lash because you want to leave the graduated sizing of individual lashes at your inner eye).

I trimmed these very minimally to fit as you can see from tiny, discarded lash sections above.

If you don’t mind using lashes that need an adhesive, these are the way to go. I usually pair lashes like these with DUO white/clear striplash adhesive. The DUO adhesive looks white coming out of the tube but dries clear so you don’t have to worry too much about any stray bits of extra glue. btw—Morphe’s lash sets are each said to be good for 10-15 uses.

Here are some of the tools I find helpful with the application of false lashes: adhesive (of course), applicator tool, lash/brow comb, tweezers and curler.

I like to use a lash applicator for both magnetic lashes and strip lashes. Although, some times I just set them in place with my fingertips or use tweezers. I find that the applicator is usually a little easier to use to make sure lashes are right at the lash line from end to end before the adhesive sets. Whatever works best for you though is always the way to go!

Untitled_Artwork 12

Flirt Alert Morphe lashes are synthetic, handcrafted, and made to look like mink. These particular lashes are more voluminous at the roots, with definite length, so they should look fabulous on most eye shapes, even hooded eyes.

Wearing lashes this season? What are your go-to ‘wow factor’ lash sets?

Do you have a tree up for the season? Do you prefer real fir or pine, fake or flocked? I like them all, although ours is flocked.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! You go, Gorgeous!!!




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