KAT VON D Fetish eyeshadow palette

Fetish is quite a large palette with 24 generously large pans of eyeshadows. I had been eyeing (no pun intended) this palette for quite some time and snatched it up once I saw it go on sale. The lid embellishment is the word “Fetish” stitched in shiny black thread onto a patent black surface:

At roughly 10″ by 6.5″ this fairly thin oval palette fits a niche in my collection because of its unusual colors.  Amazingly, many of the shades have earth tones at their heart, which makes them all the more mixable. However, you know it wouldn’t be one of Kat’s palettes if didn’t also contain some super bold colors.


Untitled_Artwork 10

An ‘ultra-limited’ collection of 24 gorgeous, risqué shades, here are the ALL color details! Kat’s usual edgy flair shows through with the palette design and ‘not for the meek’ color names (from left to right in the palette). Swatches too:

  • nylon—medium matte grey/lavender
  • kink—matte blue violet
  • blindfold—metallic cool grey with a pink shift
  • deviant—metallic grey/lavender
  • whip—matte black with pink glitter
  • suspension—matte black/grey
  • rope—metallic copper brown with faint orange shift
  • sex—matte mustard yellow
  • latex—matte deep navy with blue glitter
  • obsession—matte dark cool blue
  • chastity—metallic gold with large gold glitter
  • shivaji—metallic olive green
  • corset—matte purple
  • cuffs—metallic smooth silver
  • la petit mort—matte true green
  • submissive—complex soft olive green with large gold glitter
  • rubber—matte true black
  • fixation—matte warm beige
  • knotty—matte taupe
  • s & m—matte blue grey
  • stiletto—metallic black plum
  • dominatrix—shocking metallic scarlet
  • bondage—matte orangey red
  • safe word—matte pinky grey

*particular notes about some of the shades:

  • rope is a lot darker on eyelids than it looks in the pan
  • nylon & kink are a bit chalky and do have some fallout
  • submissive & chastity contain the largest of the glitters and so also have a tad of fallout (submissive is my fave due to its oh so complex softer shade)
  • cuffs metallic glitters are so miniscule that this shade is ultra smooth with huge color payoff
  • stiletto is just gorgeous! due to its vibrancy and color shift
  • safe word is a truly lovely crease shade

I like that the eyeshadow color names are detailed on the back of the palette, back of the palette box, as well as printed next to each of their corresponding pans in the palette.

The lid contains an almost full-size lid mirror with a black whip image along the edges and the palette snaps closed with a magnetic closure.


I love that these shades are both cruelty-free and vegan.

If you have a thing for one of a kind eyeshadows, snatch this palette up while it lasts. It was $63.00 USD but you can find it on both the Sephora site and the Kat Von D sites on sale right now for $31.50 (a steal!). The Fetish palette would also make a cool Christmas gift for the makeup fanatic on your list (as long as they are okay with the crazy color names).


I would love to hear what makeup/skin care items are on your Christmas wish list this year. With all the holiday bundles out there for sale, let me know which ones you are hoping will show on Christmas day. 🙂








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